So the reason I haven’t been around much lately is because my father was extremely ill but he seems to be getting better now (still not out of the woods)- but he literally has lost a lot of his short term memory and only just started to talk again. I wanted to share some incredible experiences I’ve had about him in dreams in recent days

first dream I had was when he was in critical condition in ICU he came to me in a dream and told me
that he was going to be in stable condition and transferred to room 230

that night my sister called me and told me he was now in stable condition and put in room 2030

so my dream wasnt completely accurate but close enough
missed just one 0 !

This past Thursday I had another dream, he told me that he would be better on Saturday and he would tell me himself.

and i visited him at the hospital today and he was able to talk for the first time and he wasnt in pain and not on painkillers

and he was able to smile for the first time and say “better”!

i didnt want to mention my dreams because i have this superstition that if you have a good dream and tell anyone that it wont come true, but these already have come true so it should be okay 🙂 I’ve had other good dreams about him too (I remember most of my dreams, sometimes I have half a dozen different ones in a day, some lucid ones too) but I wont mention them because I’m still waiting on them to come true, but will keep you all posted 😉

I have so many thoughts on precognition and ideas that will combine several different schools of thought in science, spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics, but I dont want to clutter up this post with any of that (besides if you guys and gals have kept up with my posts you already know what a lot of my thoughts on these matters are), right now I’m basking in the happiness of Dad starting to get better and the very special ecstasy of feeling connected to everything and that perhaps things do happen for a reason and we are here to learn from them and to spread that knowledge to others.