On the board where I originally made that post, we got to talking about why we haven’t detected any signals from aliens. Assuming we haven’t already had visitations, the following is valid:

I’m open to the idea of some kind of universal consciousness– something along the lines of the universe creating us in order to better understand itself and life being a normal, inevitable property that develops during the evolution of the universe– but, as you know, that’s pure conjecture. Most earthly religions are way too humancentric….. they may not state this explicitly (some do), but they figuratively place humankind at the center of the universe. The bottom line is, we’re probably just not that important in the cosmic scheme of things.

On the issue of why we haven’t detected signals from alien civilizations, perhaps it is because they don’t emit them for very long before adapting more advanced technologies:

Well, we ourselves have been leaking signals into the universe with our TV and radio transmissions the last few decades but this is likely going to stop soon as we have already started to make the transition to all digital. The thing is the universe is so vast and perhaps the chances of intelligent life so unlikely that the distances might be too vast for us to detect these signals. The most optimistic figure I have seen was a prediction of one intelligent species per 10 light years of space….. and that is probably way too optimistic. 100 is more likely, maybe 1000….. we just don’t know. We’re starting to learn that the configuration of our solar system is pretty rare….. large outer planets to deflect debris from reaching us, and even more so, our relatively large moon in the inner solar system that can deflect the rest and also aid in creating tides which helped oceanic life reach the land. Complex life on land was very important in the eventual development of an intelligent species. Even with all these factors, we’ve still faced periodic cosmic calamities on this planet– the Cretaceous extinction being the most infamous one. It’s a credit to life that it was able to survive despite the fact that 90% of all species died out (and that wasn’t even the largest extinction– the Permian one was bigger). This doesn’t even take into account all the geological calamities that may have happened. The funny thing is had the K-U event not happened, intelligent life may have been so far advanced by now that it might have been unrecognizable to us….. another factor to consider when searching for intelligent alien life that may have evolved on time scales vastly different from our own (not to mention possible biochemical differences.)

And then there is always the question of, whether intelligent species reach a certain stage of development and then the probability of self-destruction becomes too high to overcome. Michio Kaku has written quite a bit on these topics. The Kardashev scale, while somewhat flawed, is indicative of some of the problems we may face as a technological society going forward (to show you how far we have to go, on that scale we rank as a 0.7 with 1 being the threshold to being able to fully harness the power of the sun; a space-faring civilization would have to be a 2 at least, more likely 3). Even if the scale is grossly disproportionate because of our lack of knowledge of the various factors involved, it does give some indication of the magnitude of the problems we face as we need more and more energy to fuel our existence and how world events may be indicative of a breaking point on the horizon that needs to be overcome (which according to the scale, happens during major transitions, like from 0.x to 1 or 1.x to 2, etc.) Im pretty optimistic though, because I lived through the end of the Cold War, when we were, what 10 seconds from midnight? That was just one hurdle, many more to follow. There are even some predictive tools that estimate when and where these may occur.


lol this is an interesting discussion and like you, I dont subscribe to any religion. I’ve been working with an idea for a sci fi piece that goes something like this…..

I should create a story about Jesus being an alien from the Jesus planet, a special place at the center of the galaxy which contains all the prophets who go to developing intelligent species’ planets in order to ensure their survival by spreading the Word and thus stabilize them and allow them to develop under a framework of laws/commandments that help them to survive through the many stresses they will face later on. The reason “God” doesn’t interfere is that the God alien race only interferes when the survival of an intelligent species is at stake via a limited number of personnel on inhabited planets who can make themselves appear to be from that planet (maybe as angels), but they don’t have enough personnel on each inhabited planet to rescue specific individuals. They just don’t have enough individuals on the Jesus planet for that. How do they know where all the inhabited planets are? Simple…. they seeded and cultivated those planets with life! One could even say that the mass extinction of the dinosaurs was engineered by them in order for humans to develop. Maybe they even engineered whole solar systems, which is why our kind of solar system seems to be very rare. Hell, I could start my own religion this way


 lol that could take place in a universe outside of the universe and in that case God would merely be the alien who created our universe 😛


The variance in religions could simply be explained as cultures diverging over time and different religions developing as a result. Like the “Telephone Game” where word of mouth changes the story over time.  This would also explain why religions have some common threads that show their common backgrounds– even poly and monotheistic ones.