I think that “not thinking” is like an addictive drug — basically when people have been conditioned all their lives to act like puppets and listen to authority, it’s hard to convince them otherwise– because doing so would completely ruin their worldview. This is why I LOL at people who say that if aliens had come here we would know or who think wormholes are impossible even though the mathematics supports it– just like with black holes. It’s funny these people consider themselves “scientists” and yet when it comes to another kind of conditioning– religion– they show that they really are puppets. Science itself has almost become a religion of sorts, because there is an orthodox establishment and the new scientists (“priests”) are trained in a certain way and it takes a whole lot to change their thinking. It’s like their whole world comes crumbling down because the foundation of what they believed is proven wrong. The key word is “belief”– and scientists have their own “beliefs” just like religious people do — which is why so many scientists are also religious. They just have a hard time changing because their “beliefs” are based on a lack of thinking or outdated thinking. Which is probably why we’re in the mess we’re in.


There are a few real scientists who actually can think objectively, and they’re the ones who make the great scientific advances and create new inventions. If it wasn’t for people like that– screw nuclear power or even electricity– we still wouldn’t have invented the wheel, because a caveman “scientist” would have said that it’s “impossible” before anyone had even tried– and everyone would have “believed” him….. there’s that word again lol. It’s shocking but most of the great technology we have now is thanks to people who were considered eccentric decades ago and the same establishment scientists who pretend to be so knowledgeable in the new technology would have scoffed at it had they been born a generation ago. And the eccentrics of today will create the advances and inventions of tomorrow and the establishment of tomorrow will embrace that new technology and science and forget where it came from. Everything comes full circle because the establishment never does anything new, they just imitate what has already been done and try to act superior by attempting to cut down the new– probably because they don’t understand it and feel inferior with the danger that these new ideas may become part of the new establishment and supplant the old establishment….. only to replaced later. LOL this reminds me of that article on new scientific paradigms.


It’s funny but these old comedians like Carlin were great visionaries and when we look back on it, we’re going to think of them as philosophers who were on the same level as Plato, Kant, etc– while science constantly changes, this old wisdom is something that always applies.