Massage and physical therapy, athletic training, writing, traveling (my favorite places to visit are Tibet and Fiji; ask to see my photojournalism from there), cryptozoology, the moon and the stars, photography, working out, hiking, camping, running the marathon, horseback riding, taming wild animals, swimming, certified diver, certified pilot, skiing, snowboarding, going on safari, astronomy, astrophotography, 3D graphics design, environmental and animal rights activism, organic farming, yoga, meditation, natural therapy and public and motivational speaking.

It gives me an awesome feeling to make other people laugh, even if it’s at my expense

I love to sing and play the guitar and piano. I also find composing my own music and writing poetry and lyrics quite intoxicating, because being creative makes me feel closer to the real meaning of life.

I love cooking. After my mom passed away, I did most of the cooking in my family and it just progressed once I went out on my own. I also love traveling; I’ve been to most of Europe and parts of South America, as well as Asia and Africa and Tibet! I love being closer to nature, it gives me more time to contemplate the deeper tapestry behind the reality that we see.

Basically, in my book I conjecture on a new theory of everything; in my theory each dimension can be analoged to a primary color….. in our universe each spatial dimension would be equivalent to an additive primary color (RGB) with time as the background (Black) with a complementary spacetime which consisted of dimensions that analoged to the subtractive primary colors (CMY) with complementary time as the background (White) as one space expanded the other contracts and vice versa (because the arrow of time flows opposite to each other but forward within each), It’s been peer reviewed and it seems there’s some excitement over this as this would solve the dark matter / dark energy problem by unifying the strong nuclear force and gravity (the strong nuclear force is carried by gluons and color charge and analoging dimensions to primary colors is gravity’s version of color charge) so now we have a strong force-gravity unification and an electroweak unification and we just need to combine those dualities. There are four layers to the omniverse, with universes of different dimensions in each layer (the number of dimensions in each layer bear a pythagorean relationship to the other layers and each universe has a parent superverse from whose parent black hole it was created. If you loop through the entire hierarchy of universes you end up back where you started, so the omniverse is not only cyclical time, but also in space. I guess I’ll leave that for a sequel lol.

BTW if there are multiple timelines they would be created right after the big bang, by the force of inflation and be emergent diverging timelines along two dimensions of time (think cartesian coordinates) and if the cyclic model is correct and dark flow does reverse the expansion of space, the time lines would converge once again with a Big Bounce as the universe deflated (rinse and repeat.) The antiverse would have opposing cycles (because the arrow of time was opposite compared to ours) and if there was someway to construct some sort of device (a la star gate) to tap into the barrier which separates the two (consisting of light, which does not experience the passage of time) than both time and long distance space travel would become possible through the second temporal dimension (which keeps each timeline intact)…… according to Einstein the past, present and future all coexist and it is we who move through them, so theoretically this should be possible. He also stated that the universe (or omniverse on a larger scale) created us in order to understand itself better, forming the framework for a cosmic collective mind which encompasses not only humans, but animals, plants, alien life, even whole planets (Gaia Theory, which has been proven multiple times) and even stars and galaxies, the only difference is the density of the level of consciousness, although planets (for example) are much larger than any single life form, their density of consciousness is much less, with their “memories” (fossil record) spread out over a much larger area, so any one spot (on our scale) is seemingly lifeless. But it’s not. The planet consists of a complicated series of checks and balances and delicate interplay between different parts that can and should be considered alive.

I’m hoping to die young so I dont outlast the people I care about.