In Origin 7, I will issue updates about the European Planck mission to survey and examine the CMBR, as it should yield vital data about the nature and composition of our universe from the moments of its first beginnings until now.

As you may remember from Origin 6, I drew a direct comparison between gravity and dark energy and stated that they might be two sides of the same coin, just functioning on different scales, but both products of a single omniversal entropic force (perhaps the single unifying force from which all the forces originated, with gravity/dark energy merely being its shadow effect projected into our universe) that keeps the balance within the omniverse intact in terms of matter/energy distribution.

I also indicated that our universe has a geometric shape similar to a mobius strip– this originates from the idea that it was hatched inside a rotating black hole and the rotation of the black hole torques space-time, creating a ring “singularity” and thus the shape of our universe visible as a 2D shadow upon its holographic boundary. Our mobius strip (with the help of gravity/dark energy) can be expanded into a horn torus in 3 dimensions or a hypersphere (specifically a 4 dimensional glome) in 4 dimensions and on the larger scales that is what our universe should look like, with light being able to take at least two paths from the same source to reach us. The center of this geometric shape actually corresponds to a white hole in which dark matter and dark energy, upon entering the black hole inside our parent universe, exit into our universe, thus causing space-time to expand and resulting in the expanding universe we perceive. Once a sufficient entropic balance is achieved between the parent universe and our own, the entropic force will reverse itself and gravity will cause the universe to collapse back in on itself and restart the cycle. It will restart because gravity becomes a repulsive force at smaller than 10 planck lengths, which would be when the universe’s external boundary approaches the central white hole, which “bounces” it back. Even though at this time there doesnt seem to be enough matter in the universe to generate enough gravitation for this to occur, it will happen when enough matter has passed through the parent white hole (the amount of dark energy passing through will lessen as the entropy of the parent universe increases, thus the balance of dark matter and dark energy will favor the former over the latter.) This will be in the form of dark matter, whose concentrations will rise as the eons pass by. The only reason this hasnt happened already is because of the existence of dark flow– which is a gravitational leak from an adjacent megaverse (a collection of parallel universes with different laws of physics superimposed upon each other, much like ours is)– which pulls the edges of our megaverse further apart (and perhaps leaks matter from our megaverse into theirs– much like whats going on with ours.) Because this adjacent megaverse is leaking gravity into ours it MUST be in a state of contraction (a phase which ultimately results in gravitational collapse) and once the superimposed states of the different parallel universes in this megaverse have collapsed into each other, with the causal boundaries between each of them dissolving due to the intense gravity it will re big bang (a process we will go through billions of years later.) When this happens, the dark flow effect will disappear because the new megaverse that emerges will be expanding and separating into a new set of superimposed parallel universes and this explosive expansion will cause a cosmic shockwave which will cause our megaverse to begin the contraction process. The addition of dark matter streaming through from our parent universe will accelerate that process with time and the higher concentration of gravity will eventually lead to the same thing that happened to our neighbor megaverse. Thus we will balance each other out and create a feedback loop that cycles both of our megaverses from big bang to big bang. Even when our parent universe expands so much that the wormhole connection between it and ours breaks down (black hole “evaporation”) and then it contracts to cyclically bang again, there will be other newly formed connections from other universes to take its place (preserving our toroidal shape) and thus the process shall continue.

The omniverse itself should have the structure of a spindle torus, but expanded outward to 11 dimensions to include the gravity brane (the “dip at the center” which leaks out into all the resident universes– 10D curving into the 11th dimension) as well as hyperspace and imaginary time and the 4+4 dimensions and their complements. Let the two component circles of the torus represent hyperspace and imaginary time. The intersection point of the torus represents the part all of its resident universes hold in common– gravity and ZPE– and the cosmic distribution points of black holes, white holes and their wormhole bridges. The spindle torus structure is mimicked in the internal tree like structure of the omniverse in terms of its megaverses, their satellite quadverses and their component universes.

I also mentioned the existence of something I call “ALL TIME.” This is how I envision parallel timeverses all being part of the same universe, just bounded by a luxon wall that separates all the parallel timeverses by light barriers (with wormholes offering conduits into every past and every future and explaining the nonlocality of quantum effects.) As a matter of fact, if our brains could perceive higher dimensions we would see that time– the so-called 4th dimension– merely represents our brain’s incomplete attempt to perceive a fourth spatial dimension. Because our five senses arent capable of this, we perceive something we call “time” instead. Instead of categorizing spatial and temporal dimensions separately we should consider them together and the existence of time indicates to us the presence of a fourth spatial dimension that we cannot directly sense except in the way it causes changes in the other three dimensions. If we could directly sense this fourth dimension, we would notice that, just like with the spatial dimensions, there is no real change– but that all the past, present and futures all exist at every moment (because we cant directly sense the fourth dimension we only perceive single snapshots of “time.”) This is what people who experience things like deja vu, “past lives” and even “future lives” or precognition might really be detecting– the true nature of time as the fourth spatial dimension. Hyperspace and Imaginary Time, the two parent dimensions, are probably just two sides of the same coin and their apparent separation into other dimensions that caused universes to bubble up from the bulk was the result of random fluctuations in the ZPE caused up gravity/dark energy that created all the other dimensions much the same way pair production occurs and creates matter out of energy. The same process applies to universe/antiverse creation (see below concerning this in 4+4 complementary dimensions.) Evidence of parallel universes and an adjacent megaverse should be apparent in high resolution CMBR data like what the Planck Satellite can provide, as CMBR should present us with a tapestry of the universe both before and after it branched off into parallel timeverses. These timeverses should be indicated by repetitive shadows and highlights in the CMBR data that, like a fun house mirror, are distorted reflections that are of a slightly different energy level from each other. Evidence of an adjacent megaverse should be apparent as its gravitational leak will cause the whole background tapestry to redshift more than expected.

Recent research suggests that consciousness exists in 8 dimensions (while the body only exists in the 3+1) and if this is true, it means that consciousness– or at least some form of conscious energy– actually survives death because it is timeless. The physical corporeal part of us is a mere bookmark in this larger reality in which we are connected by this conscious energy into a collective consciousness that spans the universe and beyond (including animate and nonanimate matter and energy– further explained in Origin 4.) Thus we can be exposed to and influenced by outside conscious energy that can create a full spectrum of emotions as well as physical effects upon us. I propose that these 8 dimensions are the result of pair production that resulted when our dimensions were first created from hyperspace and imaginary time and the other 4 dimensions are complementary to the 4 dimensions we already know. I also conjecture that the body can only exist in 4 dimensions at one time but when it expires it fluctuates back and forth in different forms between the 4 dimensions it originally resided in and crossing a luxon barrier (“going into the light”) into the 4 complementary dimensions that were produced during pair production. (This is further explained in Origin 1 and 2.) The consciousness, which is timeless, remains in all 8 at the same time and retains some vestigial memories of the previous fluctuations and even the ones to follow. Our minds normally bury most of this so we dont clutter our memories. Actually, the fact that consciousness exists in 8 dimensions instead of just 4 indicates yet another higher order dualistic symmetry– the conscious mind typically operates in the conventional 4 dimensions, while the subconscious also has access to the additional 4 complementary dimensions. Since the toroidal nature of our universe allows for the existence of an antiverse on the “inside”, upon death, not only do our bodies flip over to this antiverse (or the mirrorverse, which might be more likely, since it experiences time like we do, while another set of flipping might occur between the antiverse and the antimirrorverse), but our conscious and subconscious also flip and trade places when they cross over! On the level of the torus, having the antiverse on the inside conserves many conservation laws, including those of charge, parity and spin. Being made of mirror matter in the same quantities as ours is made of matter conserves charge and parity and spin are conserved in the sense that being the mirrorverse to our own, if ours spins counterclockwise, it spins clockwise and vice versa. In the case of parity, flipping the spatial coordinates is conserved because of the existence of the mirrorverse. The existence of mirror matter and the mirrorverse resolves the parity violations observed with the weak interaction, as the violations occur exactly opposite to this in the mirrorverse. Each universe should have its own mirrorverse and vice versa on its “flip side” created as an analog to pair production. As a matter of fact, going back to the 2D scale structure of the universe on the scale of quantum interactions, we have a way of resolving the four color problem (that no more than four colors are required to color the regions on a map so that no two adjacent regions have the same color) on the omniversal scale by splitting each protoverse into 4 universes– matter, antimatter, mirror matter and antimirror matter, all separated by the luxon wall and interconnected by wormholes! These would all be quantumly entangled (via the worm holes) much like 4 qubit quantum entanglement in a quantum computer (which is another way of looking at our universe and, indeed, the megaverse and omniverse also!) Another indication of this structure is how a toroidal surface can be separated into 4 circles (two in the regular fashion and two when turned inside out.) As a matter of fact, while the omniverse is a spindle torus, our quadverse would be a horn torus, with the intersection point representing the point of origin of the cyclic big bang (the ultimate white hole!), which is reached in alternating fashion by the universe and its mirror complement, and then by the antiverse and its mirror complement. If our universe were to be considered “on top” of the torus, the mirrorverse would be “on the bottom” while the two antiverses would be on the “inside”– with our antiverse on the “top inside” and the mirror antiverse on the “bottom inside.” But since our universe is expanding, we have to be considered on the inside (the ones on the outside contain central black holes not white holes)…. so if ours was on the top inside, the mirrorverse would be on the bottom inside, with the antiverse on the top and the antimirrorverse on the bottom of the torus. Two of these would always be contracting while the other two were expanding and time would run opposite in them (anti vs “normal” matter, with the “anti” containing complementary time, thus going through cycles opposite to ours and the mirrorverse… as a matter of fact, because the antiverse and the antimirrorverse contain dimensions complementary to those of our own universe and our mirrorverse, they arent affected by the adjacent megaverse in the same way in terms of expansion and contraction– that is to say, they are only affected by the corresponding antiverses and the antimirrorverses in the quadverses of the adjacent megaverse, while our universe and our mirrorverse is only affected by the corresponding universes and mirrorverses in the adjacent megaverse in terms of completing the feedback loop of alternating expansion and contraction– symmetry on the omniverse level!) and the speed of light limit would appear to be violated in the two which appeared to be going backward in time (thus solving the arrow of time problem)– of course, to them, it would seem like we were doing it!– thus creating a causal holographic boundary on the luxon wall (light and gravity are two things we would all have in common.) The verses in the contracting phase would actually see their central white holes converted into black holes because of the massive increase in density, which would fuel the collapse, but would reach the logical limit at 10 planck lengths (as ring “singularities”), at which time they would re bang and become white holes again. Rotational symmetry is preserved at every big bang, because our universe and its mirrorverse would have opposite spins, while the antiverse and mirrorverse also spin in opposite directions to each other, this maintaining rotational symmetry at their end of the cycle also. But because everything is oriented the opposite between the universe and its mirrorverse and the antiverse and its mirrorverse, from within the particular verse it would seem exactly the same as its mirror counterpart! Reducing the number of dimensions holographically of this structure on the quantum level doesnt pose a problem for us, as going from 4D to 2D allows for 4 universes that each consist of 2D (4*2D=8D) or 4 mobian strips on the hyperspatial-imaginary time 2D holographic boundary (think four symmetrical shadowverses!)– which would seem like a single particle (superimposed) for those on the “outside” (in 2D hyperspace-imaginary time, the dimensions of wormholes), with time and complementary time both reduced to spatial dimensions (which explains nonlocality and action at a distance)– thus the combo of our conscious and subconscious energy would be a part of the cosmic quantum computer itself, as it spans the whole network– just like the whole collective does, animate and inanimate! Direct proof of this might be obtained when mirror matter is observed as well as the existence of the symmetric shadows in the CMBR data. Mirror matter might make up part of the dark matter of our universe (as it can enter our universe through worm holes and help create similar structures in each universe) and our matter would be mirror matter in the mirrorverse. The only mirror matter that is the same as ordinary matter is the graviton– thus its candidacy as dark matter. Since the amount of mirror matter in the quadverse should equal the amount of normal matter, I propose that the mirrorverse contains exactly the same amount of mirror matter that ours contains matter and, likewise, the antimirrorverse contains the same amount of antimirror matter as the antiverse contains antimatter. Not only that, but the amount of dark matter and dark energy should be the same in our universe and its mirror partner, and the antiverse and its mirror partner– hence why the contraction and expansion cycles are so well timed out. And the connections dont stop there! Likewise, we can view the quadverse to be linked to our parent quadverse through two black hole linkages (think DNA double helix, which is a nanoscopic version of this, sort of like our brain is a nanoscopic version of the CMBR, the universe’s “memories”– heck, DNA might be this connection on another level!), with the black hole our universe resides inside connected to another black hole in the mirrorverse of our parent quadverse– view this as one strand of DNA. The other strand consists of a black hole in the antiverse version of our parent universe connected to a black hole in the antimirrorverse of our parent quadverse. When viewed this way, we realize that the reason that matter coming through the central white hole is dark matter is because the part of the parent quadverse we are connected to is a mirrorverse to our own universe and the part of the parent quadverse our mirrorverse is connected to consists of “normal” matter! This is symmetry on a whole new level and is the reason why both verses get dark matter– our mirrorverse’s dark matter would be “normal” matter for us and vice verse. The same holds true for the antiverse and the antimirrorverse, which get the mirror version of their matter (our antimatter) because of the way the black holes are connected in our parent quadverse! These two opposing linkages are the reason why they big bang in cycles alternating with our own and why time seems to flow backwards in the antiversions of our quadverse. The reason why all this happens is because black holes bend space-time so much they actually fracture the boundaries of the quadverse as they unite all 8 dimensions of it with the 2 original dimensions of hyperspace and imaginary time. And yet, symmetry, a fundamental property of the omniverse, still remains. So black holes mark not only a unification of forces, but of dimensions as well, as they create worm holes that tunnel through the whole structure and into our own universe! Any baby quadverses inside our own quadverse would be connected in a similar way to our own. The parallel timeverses discussed earlier would also all exist in quads.

Our memories from the previous existence become part of the subconscious in the 4 complementary dimensions to that antiverse or mirrorverse. A baby’s birth is like a big bang with latent memories. The accumulation of these latent memories is what being an “old soul” is all about. What we call ghosts or apparitions may just be the holographic memories or residual effects left over from before or during the cross over or they could be actual conscious energy that got trapped in the luxon wall during the memory transferrance from conscious energy to subconscious energy. The growing body of evidence that I include below indicates this, as well as the fractal nature of the brain, which actually mimics the CMBR data, lending more evidence to the idea that we are but a reflection of the universe itself on a much smaller scale. Im thinking that’s why we see structures repeating on various different scales– well, basically, reality itself is composed of the same fundamental structures and the way these structures interact with each other results in emergent fractal properties and its the result of these reactions that we see all around us. Entanglement causes the history of the universe to be recorded onto the CMBR and a reflection of our own personal histories to be recorded within the memories of our mind (both conscious and subconscious) using the same basic structural properties and principles. In Origin 4, when Im talking about informational wormhole tunneling from our mind to the outside environment and vice versa, Im referring to entanglement…. the wormholes are the “pipes” the information is the “water” that passes through them and the entanglement is the driving force (call it “water pressure”) which makes the whole process possible. There is probably some internal tunneling as well, between the 4 dimensions of the conscious mind and the higher 4 dimensions of the subconscious. This is what causes intuition, instincts and when tunneling into the universe itself, creativity (because the universe is based on creativity) and curiosity (which lies at the foundation), including the search for the origins of it all, a fundamental reason why the universe created us, to figure itself out! When tunneling into the collective, we get ESP, the conscious version of quantum nonlocality action at a distance. The subconscious mind is what connects us to the collective consciousness or the cosmic web (both of consciousness and of the backbone structure of the omniverse via ZPE and its reflections in the CMBR.) The cosmic web is the backbone of the omniverse and its structure is fractally reflected in everything around us– from CMBR to EEG brain wave patterns and everything in between. The cosmic web was created by the commutative properties of wormholes in being able to redistribute matter and energy on all levels, from the quantum foam of space-time and the micro worm holes of our own conscious and subconscious energy (as a matter of fact, what if subconscious energy consists of mirror energy?!) to the supermassive black holes that generate new universes!

Some sources:

John Gardiner, Robyn Overall, Jan Marc, 2010. The fractal nature of the brain: EEG data suggests that the brain functions as a “quantum computer” in 5-8 dimensions. NeuroQuantology 8(2):137-141. ABSTRACT. The brain has been traditionally viewed as a deterministic machine where certain inputs give rise to certain outputs. However, there is a growing body of work that suggests this is not the case. The high importance of initial inputs suggests that the brain may be working in the realms of chaos, with small changes in initial inputs leading to the production of strange attractors. This may also be reflected in the physical structure of the brain which may also be fractal. EEG data is a good place to look for the underlying patterns of chaos in the brain, since it samples many millions of neurons simultaneously. Several studies have arrived at a fractal dimension of between 5 and 8 for human EEG data. This suggests that the brain operates in a higher dimension than the 4 of traditional space-time. These extra dimensions suggest that quantum gravity may play a role in generating consciousness.

( — Over the past few decades, the idea that our universe could be one of many alternate universes within a giant multiverse has grown from a sci-fi fantasy into a legitimate theoretical possibility. Several theories of physics and astronomy have hypothesized the existence of a multiverse made of many parallel universes. One obvious question that arises, then, is exactly how many of these parallel universes might there be.

In a new study, Stanford physicists Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin have calculated the number of all possible universes, coming up with an answer of 10^10^16. If that number sounds large, the scientists explain that it would have been even more humongous, except that we observers are limited in our ability to distinguish more universes; otherwise, there could be as many as 10^10^10^7 universes.

To work these numbers out, Linde and Vanchurin looked back to the time shortly after the Big Bang, which they view as a quantum process that generated lots of quantum fluctuations. Then during the period of inflation, the universe grew rapidly and these quantum fluctuations were “frozen” into classical perturbations in distinct regions. Today, each of these regions could be a different universe, having its own distinct laws of low energy physics.

By analyzing the mechanism (called “slow roll inflation”) that initially generated the quantum fluctuations, the scientists could estimate the number of resulting universes at 10^10^10^7 (a number which is dependent on the model they used). However, this number is limited by other factors, specifically by the limits of the human brain. Since the total amount of information that one individual can absorb in a lifetime is about 10^16 bits, which is equivalent to 10^10^16 configurations, this means that a human brain couldn’t distinguish more than 10^10^16 universes.

Requiring that the human brain must be able to count the number of parallel universes may seem inappropriate, if not arrogant, but Linde and Vanchurin explain that dealing with the quantum world is different than our everyday lives in which quantum effects can be safely ignored. A crucial part of their calculation here is an investigation of quantum effects on supergalactic scales. In this kind of scenario, the state of the multiverse and observations made by an observer are correlated (similar to the Schrodinger cat experiment, where the outcome can be determined only after it is registered by a classical observer).

“When we analyze the probability of the existence of a universe of a given type, we should be talking about a consistent pair: the universe and an observer who makes the rest of the universe ‘alive’ and the wave function of the rest of the universe time-dependent,” the scientists write.

As the scientists explain, the calculation of the number of universes is an important step toward an even larger goal: to find the probability of living in a universe with a particular set of properties. What are the chances that we live in a world in which the laws of physics are these laws that we currently observe? Answering this question requires finding probabilities that depend on knowing about other universes, among many other challenges.