Im starting work on Origin Part 6: Unification, where I bring forth the idea that unification of forces naturally occurs in nature. There is some evidence of this (“electroweak stars” — unification of the electromagnetic force and weak nuclear force inside neutron stars) but Im bringing forth the idea that ALL the forces are unified inside black holes, and this unification is what creates the black hole in the first place– not gravitational collapse. Going forth with the idea that “Things are more than they seem” theme, Im going to use that to create a model whereby black holes are presented as the fabric of space-time being “inside out” or reversed, much like quantum loop cosmology predicts is what happened during the big bang. You can see where this is leading to– that black holes contain bubble universes (like ours) that exist in a sea of exotic matter where all the forces are unified.

There is a hierarchical fractal order to the universe on many different levels and and I believe that what we call “natural law” is simply an intrinsic property of the universe– like a basic property of a subatomic particle (charge, spin, etc.) The universe was just a particle at some point and I believe the properties from its infancy have been retained and express themselves in varied ways in the reality we see around us.

Similarly, particle universes with different properties would result in universes with different “natural laws.”

Actually, you can consider life itself a fundamental property of the universe. Did you know that quantum linkages have been found to exist inside biological systems, including DNA? It makes me think that life is– literally– universal.
This is another example of hierarchical fractal layers: Think of a sea of exotic matter with small bubbles with spontaneously decreasing entropy that BANG…. these would be bubble universes, like the one from which our universe was born. So life would also be like this– spontaneous areas of order that pop up and slowly wind down (like what our universe itself is doing.) This natural law / property of the bubble universe exists from the quantum level all the way up to the largest structures — including life itself. It’s as if we have been branded by the particular universe we exist in by the very nature of its formation.

What about the idea of a universe created within another universe by an advanced alien civilization? This idea has been proposed by some physicists and cosmologists and of course then we have the problem of where those aliens came from. In an infinite but self-limited fractal omniverse hierarchy which exists both inside and outside of space-time, of course, you can create a loop whereby cause and effect become one and the same and the creation becomes the creator– thereby solving that problem.

Regarding supersymmetry: Are sparticles really separate higher dimensional versions of “conventional” particles or could it be that “conventional” particles are actually the part of sparticles that we can actually see, because we cant detect the whole particle with our limited perspective…. sort of like the particles’ “soul?” I envision conventional particles as the part we can see through our “peephole” (like when Saturn’s rings are seen edge on through a telescope) while the sparticle itself represents the full extent of the same particle. In this case, a conventional particle would merely be a shadow of a sparticle. Perhaps we will be able to see them with the LHC– which could open up a whole new avenue into research of that which we cant detect with the conventional senses or at lower energies…. getting us closer to a more fundamental and wideranging view of reality…. both from the reductionist and the wholistic point of view!

There is no initial cosmological singularity. The singularity you speak of originates from the failing of relativity to explain the initial boundary conditions of our universe. Once we find a way to unify quantum mechanics and relativity the singularity problem will disappear — not only from the beginning of the universe, but also from what we call “black holes.” As a matter of fact, physics right now is leaning towards the idea that black holes are the birth places of other universes just like ours did inside a relatively larger universe.

And something did exist before the space-time dimensions which we perceive, because our universe originated as a quantum particle inside a cosmic soup of particles, the existence and destruction of which depends on the extant physical laws and constants present inside each universe. Consider it the quantum version of the laws of evolution and natural selection. Hawkings’ terms for the original time dimension that existed before the big bang is called “Imaginary Time.” Consider imaginary time to be a dimension of time that runs perpendicular to the one of which we are aware. Sort of like the Y-axis of time compared to the X-axis of our time. When this is taken into account, the singularity at the big bang disappears. (It also allows us to graphically represent parallel timeverses, but that’s beyond the scope of this post– see Origin 1 and 2 for more details.) A competing model, called quantum loop cosmology also resolves the singularity by stating that at extremely small volumes, the density formula (D=M/V) fails and therefore there is no singularity. As a matter of fact, at diameters below 10 planck lengths, density actually goes down, even if you pack more mass into a given volume — thus the idea of baby universes inside black holes. When thinking about this, I thought it reasonable to assume that one of the reasons that black holes present themselves as singularities is because all the forces are unified just inside their boundaries. This makes sense when you think about it, because we already have electroweak stars which unify the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces and presenting black holes as the final result of compact force unification rather than simple gravitational collapse is also a graphic way to explain what happens when the matter inside is crushed to a pulp and converted into exotic matter that no longer follows the laws of our universe. Also, force unification inside black holes would satisfy the initial boundary conditions that led to the formation of our own universe and should thus also be a prerequisite to the creation of other universes and the breakdown of relativity on that scale– because it doesnt allow for unification (something which Einstein spent the rest of his life in a futile pursuit of attempting to achieve — along with a similarly futile pursuit of trying to disprove quantum mechanics. Verification of this should be possible at the LHC when it is up and running at full capacity– as a matter of fact, physicists have toyed with the idea of creating designer baby universes (most notably Andrei Linde) that would expand into their own dimensions and curve into themselves. This is where the idea of a universe being designed by an intelligent being with physical laws and constants of his/her/its/their choosing (as their signature) originated from. What most people dont know is that Einstein was actually working on a theory of multiple dimensions very similar to string theory just prior to his death.) According to QLC, instead of a singularity, the universe doesnt bang at all, instead it goes “inside out” at each point of apparent origin and thus is both infinite and self-limited. Like a Mobius strip. Dimensions are in loops. Travel far enough in one direction and you end up back at your starting point. The funny thing is that relativity already allows for this close to the outer boundaries of black holes in the form of closed timelike curves (CTCs), which is time looping back in on itself. As the universe expands, the size of the loops would expand also. As a matter of fact, the whole universe would be one large loop that goes back to the beginning each time. The loops would have bridges or tunnels between them (seen from the “surface” of the strip as black holes or worm holes) inside which the forces are unified and where baby universes are formed which exchange matter and energy with the parent universe. With time, as the universe expands, the bridges would distend and eventually the baby universe would be cut off from its parent, much like a biological baby gets cut off from the mother’s placenta, even as new connections were formed, both between the parent and new baby universes, and also between the babies and the baby universes would give birth to their own. Since the fractal hierarchy is preserved, this looplike structure would also exist on the omniverse level, where the universes of each megaverse would be connected like spokes on a wheel, with new connections being developed even as old ones are broken, and the free flow of matter and energy keeping everything in balance. The question of the beginning of the omniverse would have no real answer as the cosmic loop with connecting bridges ensures that all moments in time exist simultaneously so there is no beginning or end– just like with our own universe! Causality doesnt exist on this fundamental level– just like it doesnt exist at the quantum level– and neither does the speed of light limit, which is more of a natural boundary condition meant to separate the universes (but which can be gated with wormholes to keep the whole system in balance– gravity being the agent of entropy which keeps everything flowing and keeps the omniverse in dynamic equilibrium.)

As far as space and time giving way to something more basic at the big bang and prior, this is also used as a way to explain quantum mechanics nonlocality properties like superposition (two particles being in exactly the same place at the same time), teleportation, tunneling, entanglement etc. Since the universe was once a quantum particle, it once behaved according to the same rules (and might still, depending on perspective.) On the quantum scale, space and time dont exist as we see them on the macroscopic scale, they give way to more fundamental nonlocal properties which make the quantum effects (“spooky action at a distance”) possible.

I like many of Penrose’s ideas as well (specifically quantum theories of consciousness– but even that has given way to a more likely David Bohm interpretation.) See Origin 4: Consciousness for more details.

BTW, in the above post, I havent even mentioned the most fascinating aspect of cosmology– the fact that the holographic principle seems to hold true — that our universe can actually be described in D-1 dimensions (D= the 3 spatial dimensions in our case) and the fact that the holographic principle can be used to test the multiple universe theory, which should exist as (for lack of a better term) shadows in the background of the cosmic background radiation (CMB) which contains the holographic information of our universe– just like our universe’s black holes (other universes) contain all their information at the holographic boundary (another sign of fractalization.) Such testing is already underway.

Being holographic information on the surface of a black hole / quantum particle means the third spatial dimension is merely an illusory effect created by gravity as it curves space-time into a loop (a megaverse sized CTC) by acting on the original dimensions of hyperspace and imaginary time. And the reason why photons of light dont experience the passage of time as they travel at light speed is because they exist on the luxon wall– the event horizon of the black hole, the outer boundary of space-time itself, where it meets hyperspace and imaginary time!

Gravity is the entropic force that keeps the omniverse in balance by redistributing matter and energy via different sized black hole / worm hole tunnels– dark energy or quintessence being the result– as one megaverse expands another contracts and the balance is preserved.

The megaverse includes all the parallel timeverses of a given universe, each with the same physical laws and constants. All the megaverses of different laws and constants make up the omniverse. But the component universes/timeverses of each megaverse all have the same physical laws and constants and therefore expand and contract together. The differences between them (the parallel timelines) are due to lack of causality at the fundamental level (because all time and all outcomes exist simultaneously and there is no speed of light limit at the quantum level to compartmentalize reality)– the causality we see on the macroscopic scale (as well as space-time and the uncertainty principle) is merely an averaging or smoothing out of more elementary factors that exist at the subplanck level and inside black holes (as well as the perception of a single universe, which was a limitation of Relativity, which the quantum universe has eradicated)– which is the scale of the omniverse [at which all universes, megaverses, etc can be seen as quantum particles bubbling in a sea of ZPE (the redistribution of which causes some megaverses to expand while others contract, thus preserving the cosmic balance and resulting in cyclic big bangs, at which point all the parallel timeverses of a specific megaverse become one, as the event horizon separating them from each other and the bulk temporarily collapses, thus causing the cyclic “Big Bang” rebound), where the forces are all united and the original dimensions of hyperspace, imaginary time and gravity hold sway– thus, the real reason why black holes curve space-time, cause CTCs and have such intense gravitation– as they are tapping into its source.] The reason why the uncertainty principle loses its effect at the quantum level is that the omniverse at that scale is purely mathematical, thus removing the need to be “measured”– it behaves according to simple mathematical constructs and formulae, which give rise to all the structures we see around us (atoms, solar systems, star clusters, galaxies, etc) in a fractal hierarchy. The reason the fractal hierarchy exists is that the four dimensional universe we perceive is actually only two dimensional (hyperspace plus imaginary time) on the smallest of scales (thus the mathematics of quantum gravity describe it perfectly, without need for the kind of measurement a complex 4D space-time requires), which in dualistic terms, places us inside a black hole inside a larger universe with the CMB and light on the holographic boundary and gravity creating the perception of the other dimensions as it curves space-time into a closed loop. To sum up, our four dimensions (three spatial plus one temporal) reduce to three (two dimensional plus one temporal) at the planck scale, as gravity is shown to create the third spatial dimension on our scale, and in the subplanckian realm, the number of dimensions is further reduced to 2 (hyperspace and imaginary time) as our familiar space-time is replaced by “no space” and “all time” and causality, the speed of light limit and the uncertainty and exclusionary principles disappear as their boundaries are crossed (similar to crossing a microwormhole embedded in quantum foam) and the quantum properties of superposition, entanglement, teleportation and tunneling arise. Furthermore, since our dimensions disappear, gravity becomes as strong as the other forces and then they all unify on that scale as gravity becomes a strong repulsive force (like dark energy) on that scale and creates the Big Bounce as the event horizons separating the parallel timeverses collapse and the universe cyclically big bangs. This is best represented by quantum loop cosmology, which shows that just as gravity becomes incredibly intense (as D=M/V reaches its maximum) at 10 planck lengths, gravity shuts off and reverses and the density goes down. This represents the ingredients needed to create traversable black hole worm hole conduits and what causes the big bang in the first place! The funny thing is, because of the dualistic nature of reality, our universe/megaverse still is just a quantum particle inside a black hole inside a larger universe and still obeys quantum properties like the ones Ive mentioned above. BTW the larger universe would be a quantum particle inside a black hole inside another universe and so on, until we get back to our own– an infinite and yet closed loop of universes! More fractal duality! On the macroscopic scale, the complex interplay of different factors and spontaneous symmetry breaking result in the need for measurement– and thus the uncertainty principle arises. As a matter of fact, we can view the uncertainty principle and the exclusionary principle both forming the boundary between relativity’s smooth and continuous space-time and quantum mechanics’ discrete planck and subplanck sized packets of space-time, much as we view the duality of light as being both a wave (smooth and continuous) and particle (discrete.) Yet another example of the duality of fractal hierarchy! And just like wormhole tunnels can break through the luxon wall, so can the wall of the uncertainty principle and the exclusionary principle be broken on higher scales using the property of superconductivity– which is why string theory has been shown to have applications in defining the properties of superconductive materials. Perhaps superconductivity was a fundamental property of the particle universe. The quantum critical state (visualize this as the uncertainty and exclusionary principle’s version of the luxon wall since superconductive materials meet with no resistance, thus measurement does not affect outcome and two electrons can be in the same place at the same time or at two different places at the same time– superposition!) is the tipping point, beyond which electromagnetism becomes superconductive, much like 10 planck lengths is the tipping point beyond which gravity becomes repulsive and starts behaving like dark energy. If we can achieve superconductivity at room temperatures, this represents added hope for constructing wormhole tunnels also, as both represent unifications of the nanoscopic scale of quantum mechanics and the macroscopic scale of relativity (and both behave according to the same laws of electromagnetism and gravity regarding distribution of charge across a single dimension, not area– partial unification of forces and dimensions right there!) This represents just one of many practical applications of something we all take for granted, magnetism (quantum computing is another), in a way that can be explained in terms of the theory of everything we have all been searching for, in a way that could benefit all of human society in the form of room temperature superconductivity! The next big leap in technological advance! Perhaps the unification already exists in the form of dark energy (ZPE), which could be the macroscopic version of the same repulsive force that gravity is on the quantum scale….. so the same force can both attract and repel and is scale variant, the same way the dimensions and forces are! Yet another duality exists between quantum entanglement, string theory and black holes, as theyve been shown to behave according to the same rules– which is yet more proof that our universe might be a quantum particle that is entangled within itself inside a black hole of a larger universe (and that these entanglements take the form of black hole worm hole tunnels that intraconnect the universe on many different scales, thus solving both the horizon and the flatness problems– not only within, but without also– with parallel timeverses and other megaverses– as I will illustrate below.) Thus the dual fractal hierarchy of the quantum particle omniverse is born!

Black holes have two horizons, the outer event horizon and the inner cauchy horizon….. one side contains closed space-like geodesics and the other side has closed time like geodesics. Usually the Cauchy Horizon would be considered unstable, but due to the boosting effects of ZPE and the Casimir Effect, it retains stability. The problem is that this results in the negation of cosmic censorship– which is what resulted in Hawking losing a bet back in 1997.

In 1991, John Preskill and Kip Thorne bet against Stephen Hawking that the hypothesis was false. Hawking conceded the bet in 1997, due to the discovery of the special situations just mentioned, which he characterized as “technicalities”. Hawking later reformulated the bet to exclude those technicalities. The revised bet is still open, the prize being “clothing to cover the winner’s nakedness”

The fact that the cosmic censorship hypothesis (the idea that space-time “hides” singularities so they cant be seen by the outside observer) has been proven invalid in some circumstances is why its possible that causality can be broken on the most fundamental level. The fact that the cauchy horizon can be stable inside black holes with the help of ZPE (aka matter/energy created out of nothing) has caused some physicists to theorize that the “second” horizon might form the outer boundary of a universe that exists inside the black hole (the ZPE inside would have the effect of causing the universe to bang cyclically and the cauchy horizon would make it curve into itself), because the horizon would have the effect of bending (or lensing) space-time around it and separating the dimensions that exist outside from the ones that exist within. To give an example, let’s say we were talking about a black hole in our own universe, you’d have the normal 3+1 dimensions on the outside, the 2+1 dimensions of the holographic principle on the event horizon, but the basic 1+1 dimension (hyperspace plus imaginary time) between the event horizon and the cauchy horizon, and the dimensions of the “innerverse” inside the Cauchy Horizon. The really ironic thing is, it is the gravity inside the black hole which causes not only the cyclic big bangs but also the development of extra dimensions! If we make that allowance (1+1 dimensions inside a black hole), gravity becomes renormalizable and easily unified with the other forces (via quantum gravity)…. which is perhaps why the charge of a black hole can be described by a single spatial dimension rather than by area. And while gravity and spin of the black hole might determine the nature of the dimensions of the innerverse, the electromagnetic charge might determine whether or not the innerverse is composed of matter or antimatter. Another reason why the black hole’s charge can be described by a single dimension (and the reason why relativity and quantum mechanics both have problems describing black holes and why the forces should be unified inside) is that the black hole is basically a macroscopic quantum particle — that is, it behaves like a quantum particle but in the macroscopic verse of relativity — therefore you need the unification of BOTH to understand it. And this is also why the uncertainty and exclusionary principles wont hold inside the event horizon. As a matter of fact, a macroscopic quantum particle like a black hole would be the perfect analogy to room temperature superconductors– because both are from the quantum world, but exist in the macroscopic world of relativity and can be described using some of the same principles via string theory’s gauge gravity duality, awaiting a final theory of everything to be fully understood. This is just another example of the fractal nature of our omniverse!

The region beyond the Cauchy horizon has several surprising features. The r coordinate again behaves like a spatial coordinate and can vary freely. The interior region has a reflection symmetry, so that a (future-directed time-like) curve may continue along a symmetric path, which continues through a second Cauchy horizon, through a second event horizon, and out into a new exterior region which is isometric to the original exterior region of the Kerr solution. The curve could then escape to infinity in the new region or enter the future event horizon of the new exterior region and repeat the process. This second exterior is sometimes thought of as another universe. On the other hand, in the Kerr solution, the singularity is a ring, and the curve may pass through the center of this ring. The region beyond permits closed, time-like curves. Since the trajectory of observers and particles in general relativity are described by time-like curves, it is possible for observers in this region to return to their past.

Earlier I had mentioned parallel timeverses. Since universes are fractal in nature and the size of the dimensions depends on the scale being used, they are subject to quantum effects. The same way that multiple universes can be quantumly entangled, I believe that parallel timeverses (or Layer 1 multiverses) are quantumly superpositioned on top of the parent protoverse. In reality, all time exists at every moment (something Newton and Einstein also intuited) and since all time exists at every moment at a very fundamental level, causality doesnt need to exist on that level and is just a function of the limits of human perception not to be able to process the wholeness of All Time. The speed of light compartmentalizes these parallel timeverses and we need Layer 1 (stellar) wormholes to tunnel through the luxon wall to travel between them…. but one way to think about it is that all these parallel timeverses are merely different compartments of the same universe and only appear to be different universes because the luxon wall is the barrier between them (light exists on the border of all the parallel universes, thus seamlessly traveling between them, as explained by the double slit experiment and its dual nature)– and this makes the idea of all time existing at every moment and polycausality (including retro and reverse causality) more clear and especially apparent at the basic quantum level where locality and causality dont exist because the dimensions of space and time break down and Pauli’s Exclusionary Principle no longer applies. Consider that an alien scientist who was observing our universe from the outside of our parallel multiverse (as a supermassive black hole) would only see ONE universe (if any at all) — because the parallel timeverses are all part of the same universe, they are just superpositioned together and our speed of light barrier would not be a barrier to an observer outside of the universe and so he/she/it would not perceive single moments of time like we do (of our temporal dimension, at any rate.) That observer would only see a single quantum particle, the quantum superposition of all the parallel timeverses, and the combined quantum states of all of them…. all the pasts, presents and futures, the whole spectrum rather than just one small segment– which maybe is what we see when we witness quantum wave collapse (while we can observe only one energy level of our universe because the speed of light barrier compartmentalizes it, we can only see one energy level of a universe outside our parallel multiverse because we see the sum total of all the energy levels as one and the same would apply, in reverse, to someone on the outside looking in) — which shows just how fractally circular the omniverse really is! Viewed this way, all the big bangs of the cyclic universe can be seen as one big bang that is one quantum state of the universe and that always exists, along with all the quantum states that exist in between each “bang.” Instead of wave collapse what’s really going on is that all causes and all effects are actually occuring simultaneously– which is why quantum effects seem so weird, since macroscopic reality (or our perception of it) is just an averaging out of everything (and I mean that literally) that occurs at the quantum level. Where fractal hierarchy comes in is when we consider the fact that what is quantum to us is macroscopic to a lower order megaverse which is nested within ours and what we consider macroscopic is quantum to a higher level megaverse in which ours is nested. What causes parallel timeverse formation? Spontaneous symmetry breaking! While we could only see the current state of the CMB on our holographic boundary, on the outside they would see it completely– past, present and future all rolled into one at the holographic boundary. Of course this would also apply if we were viewing a universe outside of our parallel multiverse– like inside a supermassive black hole or one created in a lab supercollider, for instance. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle will break down at this level (as experiments are already starting to indicate) as a more fundamental structure (higher order quantum function) takes over. As Ive already explained in Origin 1, I view single stellar black holes as portals to the different compartments of our parallel multiverse (mini black holes would connect intrauniverse), while I feel that supermassive black holes are the gateways to outside parallel multiverses, or other megaverses (universes with different physical laws, constants and/or dimensions) and that micro black holes embedded within quantum foam can explain the Casimir Effect, the quantum properties of entanglement, tunneling, teleportation and superposition and also some of the special effects of quantum consciousness– including deja vu, premonition, precognition and ESP — through multidimensional micro worm hole tunneling embedded within the quantum foam of our consciousness. Mini black holes would connect our universe with our antiverse (explained further in Origin 1 and 2.) In the theory of “all time” my view of antiverses complementing every parallel timeverse remains unchanged, as does the Law of Complementary Dimensions, with the universe/antiverse couplet being generated thru pair production. This couplet arises in Kerr Black Holes, as they have no charge, therefore a matter / antimatter couplet is required to balance the energy equation. The black hole end contains the matter universe while the white hole end contains the antimatter universe (refer to the earlier Origins to see how this would work and to see the geometric arrangement of universe/antiverse/mirrorverse– just adjust to reflect “all time,” therefore all times and outcomes occur simultaneously, separated from their matter counterparts by a luxon wall. As always gravity curves the original 1+1 dimensions in different ways to create different dimensioned universes.) Yet another example of fractal wholeness!

I think one of the great tragedies in modern times is specialization– people concentrating so hard in one area that they dont see how it connects to other disciplines. I look up to polymaths and renaissance people, as I think they “got it” as far as being able to see the connections that underlie all of reality. I think it’s all a matter of perspective– the universe exists in many many layers– we are on the inside in some, on the outside in others– and that results in vastly different perceptions of how reality works. The reason we dont see the changes happening when we are on the outside is because (I believe) different dimensional perspectives– different dimensions of space and time. And when we’re on the inside we lack the wholistic, overall perspective of what causes our environment to be the way it is. Thus the differences between quantum mechanics and relativity and the nonlocality problems we face when changing perspectives. However, true unity will mean that all dimensions are reflections of a small basic set of dimensions– and our 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time wont prove to be any more fundamental than the proton and neutron are (which are made of three quarks each.)

Its just been shown that solar flares and cycles actually influence the half lives of radioactive isotopes. It’s funny that we seek to find the theory that unifies everything; perhaps unification already exists around us, but we just keep missing it.

I outlined a thought that life is a reflection of one of the basic properties of our universe. I meant to also add that I believe consciousness goes part and parcel with that– because consciousness can be explained on the quantum level also. Everything is interlinked in a harmonious way to create the wondrously complex and intricate reality all around us and yet the basis for it is marvelously simple and elegant. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has shown that our universe has a fractal hierarchy to it, and I believe that fractal nature exists on every level– it shows how simple elegance can be arranged to create apparent complexity and variety when influenced by various forces and fields.

Not only that, but natural selection has been proven to exist on the quantum level also….. and bubble theories of the universe state that natural selection may be how certain bubbles with particular sets of physical laws and constants expand while others do not.

DNA not only forms its linkages through the electromagnetic force– but it’s also been shown that quantum interactions such as tunneling and superposition create its properties also. Quantum mechanics has also been linked to such biochemical processes as photosynthesis and neurological processes such as how birds navigate during migration.

I dont think you can just separate and box up the different forces — theyre all interrelated and function as a whole. You can see the connections when you analyze the whole system and dont separate it into “chemical” “biological” “physical” or by what forces they interact with “weak” “strong” “EM” “gravity”!

We’ll never have the entire puzzle figured out, but we’ll be able to add more and more pieces so that we get a better idea of the whole picture. Of course the more pieces we add, the more we’ll realize the picture is larger than what we originally thought (has more layers to it)– which will keep us from ever solving it entirely, but will add the to fun of the whole process. After all, if you figure something out completely (if that were even possible) then it loses its purpose and meaning….

I find this really intriguing and the precise values and relative strengths of all the forces being withing a strictly defined range is what makes our universe what it is. Even a small deviation would have resulted in something completely different– a universe in which life might not be possible at all. As a matter of fact, what we call constants, might have varied from one end of the universe to the other and even changed with time. This is why I like the bubble universe idea, because if youre not a fan of fine tuning or intelligent design, the existence of a multitude of universes with their own physical laws as per Tegmark, is the way to go. This is where natural selection also comes in, like at the quantum level, deciding which outcomes would result in a “big bang” universe and which would result in a “big poof” that would be just a virtual particle disappearing back into the sea of exotic matter.

Also, unification of forces that already exists in nature, such as electroweak stars or possibly, black holes, provide us keys as to what the universe was like in its extreme infancy, when the forces had not yet precipitated out of their “solution.” As a matter of fact, unification may be much closer than we think as I recently read a research article that explains superconductivity using the same physics as is used to explain black holes. This might even result in the first *gasp* tangible victory for string theory.

The inspiration for Origin 6

Nikodem Poplawski’s Cosmology with Torsion

Baby Universe Creation by Black Holes confirmed theoretically
Why Our Universe Must Have Been Born Inside a Black Hole

Posted: 12 Jul 2010 09:10 PM PDT

A small change to the theory of gravity implies that our universe inherited its arrow of time from the black hole in which it was born.

“Accordingly, our own Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe.” So concludes Nikodem Poplawski at Indiana University in a remarkable paper about the nature of space and the origin of time.

The idea that new universes can be created inside black holes and that our own may have originated in this way has been the raw fodder of science fiction for many years. But a proper scientific derivation of the notion has never emerged.

Today Poplawski provides such a derivation. He says the idea that black holes are the cosmic mothers of new universes is a natural consequence of a simple new assumption about the nature of spacetime.

Poplawski points out that the standard derivation of general relativity takes no account of the intrinsic momentum of spin half particles. However there is another version of the theory, called the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory of gravity, which does.