What Lies Beneath
This is something I wrote about awhile back (as those of you who read my blogs know), its interesting that theyre talking about it in this article and (hopefully) we’re finding some evidence for a pet theory of mine…

my idea was that if our universe isnt the only one then its possible that these particles travel back and forth between different universes…and maybe the universes are connected through dimensions other than the three were familiar with…
in other words, it might seem really far away but in these other dimensions these other universes might coexist with us.

Sorry for the change in font, thats a small excerpt from a blog entry of mine. I went on to say that if we dont consider our universe a closed system then its possible that the law of conservation of mass-energy is still maintained if we think of particles blinking in and out of different universes and perhaps through microtunnels that have a microblackhole at one end and a microwormhole at the other end. The sum total of particles would remain the same throughout the multiverse and the law of conservation of mass-energy would be maintained, just on a much higher scale…

Gravity doesnt fit with the other three forces (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and electromagnetic) any more than time fits with the other three known dimensions– so there is an interesting connection between gravity and time. And this is why the idea of multiple large higher dimensions (up to 11) has been gaining popularity. Einstein showed the connection between Gravity and Time to be true when Relativity predicted the existence of Closed TimeLike Curves near black holes.

From wiki:

CTCs have an unnerving habit of appearing in locally unobjectionable exact solutions to the Einstein field equation of general relativity, including some of the most important solutions. These include: the Kerr vacuum (which models a rotating uncharged black hole). One feature of a CTC is that it opens the possibility of a worldline which is not connected to earlier times, and so the existence of events that cannot be traced to an earlier cause. Ordinarily, causality demands that each event in spacetime is preceded by its cause in every rest frame.

Another reason why gravity doesnt fit with the other three forces is it doesnt have a carrier particle and its so much weaker than them on the atomic scale, yet on the macroscopic scale it dominates. This anomaly of the hierarchy of forces is where the idea of multiple dimensions came from– that gravity actually is a much stronger force than it appears but it originates elsewhere– in what’s known as the gravity brane. And when you think about it, it makes alot of sense. What are the greatest sources of gravity that we know of? Black holes! If you consider that black holes are massive stars that have collapsed, to the point of where theyve become holes in the fabric of space-time, and the fact that this extreme contraction has resulted in black holes pinching themselves off from the known universe– hence the reason why the laws of physics break down on that level– and why they’re called singularities. Then it makes sense to consider black holes, not just as holes, but as tunnels, and perhaps a focal point for concentrating and emanating gravity from its “true source.” Any object of mass can emanate gravity because they all create small kinks in the fabric of space time, but black holes are the most extreme, because theyve pinched themselves off from the rest of the universe (and yet can still affect it because of their ultrastrong gravity– just think about it, on the large scale, galactic structure is determined by the presence of a central supermassive black hole!)

But anyway, yeah I think Gravity and Time are inexorably linked (Youd have to generate a strong gravity field to make a time machine, like a synthetic black hole), and more connected to each other than either is to any of the other known dimensions or the other forces, its interesting how its the fourth force and the fourth dimension that we know about the least, and yet gravity and time are both pretty obvious in our day-to-day lives, makes you wonder “what lies beneath” space-time lol. Black Holes might come closest to the origin of gravity and indeed, those higher dimensions that are theorized to exist. Ive talked about black hole- worm hole tunneling before (predicted by Einstein, and a formula for a transversible wormhole originating from the famous CalTech physicist Kip Thorne), and this could quite possibly offer us a way around the speed-of-light limit (without actually exceeding the speed of light) the same way that the shortest route from here to China is to burrow underground rather than to travel all the way across (you can consider the surface of the earth space-time and burrowing underground as traveling through higher dimensions through a black hole- worm hole pair. Hopefully one day in the far flung future, we’ll be able to reach the technological level to actually be able to do this!)