the idea has been proposed that “ghosts” could be different time lines super imposed on one another, which is why some reports of ghosts make them seem oblivious to their surroundings, having the ability to walk thru walls, etc. This could be an indication that there are different time lines superimposing on another and reaching a crossing point or nexus (and not each time line would necessarily proceed at the same rate of time.) Or they could all be hoaxes

As far as other paranormal phenomena, such as ESP, some models of consciousness that involve quantum mechanics (such as the one formulated by Sir Roger Penrose, a theoretical physicist honored in Britain for his contributions with knighthood) indicate that such properties as quantum entanglement might be possible on a subconscious level.


Needless to say, these theories (even the ones put forth by highly decorated scientists) are highly controversial– as one would expect them to be, after all we are talking about the very forefront of human scientific knowledge in multiple disclipines and, in many cases, somewhat beyond that. Not only that, but some of these conflict with religion and spirituality (or, in some cases, run parallel or even converge.)

As far as my own conjecturing is concerned, I wonder if its possible that what we consider spirit or soul, etc., is just a projection of the human being in multiple dimensions. That, in fact, all objects in our physical reality exist in multiple higher dimensions, and our physical bodies are but shadows upon a wall (the analogy being drawn here is trying to describe a three dimensional body by the shadow it casts on a two dimensional wall.) The fact is, our 5 senses arent equipped to process multiple higher dimensions, so if we do exist in higher dimensions that exist beyond what we can perceive as space-time, then this would go a ways towards explaining the timelessness of the soul, spirit etc– and perhaps even reincarnation, as you brought up (and have major implications on things like life after death– or perhaps the ending of the physical body, but the continuation of the timeless soul, which exists in higher dimensions.) As a matter of fact, we can even use the Carl Jung theory of collective unconscious and theorize that we exist in higher dimensions as a network of higher consciousness, connected to those close to us through a network of “webs” (for a lack of a better analogy) and whenever a traumatic or stressful incident occurs it sends ripples along the web, and can contribute to us sensing when another is in trouble (naturally those closest to us are correspondingly closer to us on this network of webs and thus the ripples are larger)– for example, a mother’s instinct towards her children, two siblings who are exceptionally close or any two people “connecting” on a special level. And the fact that consciousness can exist on a cellular level (which has been proven to exist in unicellular organisms also– as per a research paper I posted on here a few months back.) And since distance and time do not matter in higher dimensions, physical distance and/or time have no meaning here. Children and animals seem to be particularly adept with their “instincts” and intuition,” perhaps they are better able to screen out the distracting background environment and think on a more fundamental level.

I feel that religion, spirituality and philosophy in general seek ultimate truths, but, by the very nature of their subjectiveness, they fail to get the whole picture. But this doesnt mean that they dont get a part of the picture– a fragment of the truth. Mythology often seems to evolve a whole history based on a kernel of reality… and the same may be true of spirituality, religion and philosophy. (There have been studies done on the value of prayer in healing– and, as an agnostic, while I dont subscribe to any religion, I do believe that well wishes, thoughts, and the desire for another’s well being can have an effect on that higher level I spoke of.) Perhaps we can sense some sort of higher order because we are a part of it (like Plato’s idea of multiple layers of reality or Immanuel Kant’s “island universes” or Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, even poetry, art and music and indeed, that of the very nature of creativity…. whose underlying intricate beauties speak to our souls and echo a similar beauty that exists in the artistry of the universe itself and all the creations that lie within)– not only are we observers of the universe but we are also a fundamental aspect of it, and perhaps we are connected to the rest of it (and each other) in ways we cant even imagine yet– and yet, on some basic but indescribably fundamental level, we can….