I wanted to share my thoughts as far as the kind of feelings they inspired in me.

I love how the camera can preserve the beauty of a scene forever, sometimes I go back to old photos and see things in there Id never seen before. I think we take our surroundings for granted far too much and then we wonder about the meaning of life and why we are here… and well, the answer is all around us, to experience and understand even a tiny bit of the wonders of our world and what may lie beyond, as well as the wonders of the human mind and the human heart that it can witness and appreciate these things of beauty, even though our lives are but a millisecond compared to the timelessness of nature and our surroundings. This is why I dont drink or take any drugs– why do we need to escape from reality, all we need to do is find a part of reality that makes us truly happy, appreciate it and hold onto it with all our might, no matter how far away it is and feel special knowing that we are here to experience it.

I think these pictures prove that Nature is the greatest artist of them all, she has had billions of years to perfect her Art so that we can all be here to appreciate it.