Space and Time– or not!
Im kind of the opinion that intelligent life is inevitable but the galaxy (let alone universe) is so damn big we cant find it (or we dont know what to look for.) Also if you think about it, intelligent life could have happened many times before, but we had an ELE (mass extinction) to stop evolution for awhile. For example, before the dinosaurs were exterminated, they were actually becoming warm blooded, had stereoscopic vision and had advanced hunting/stalking skills. They were on their way. The fact that evolution picked itself up and moved forward from the ELE and we’re here to talk about it proves how resilient life is and how intelligent life might be inevitable (unless there’s a cataclysmic event to destroy the planet.) Although I think we have 1 billion years before the sun becomes too warm to support life (unless we move the planet or colonize mars.) 1 billion years is a hell of a long time, even 1 million… if you think of where humanity was 1 million years ago (hairy ape men just learning to use tools and walk upright.) it shows me that once the spark of intelligence is lit, things happen rather fast (in terms of evolution anyway.)

By the way, its often been asked why did intelligent life develop? Ive heard it said its because when apes came down from the trees and started to walk upright, they needed to use their hands and a bigger brain helped them process the enhanced interactions they had with their environment (feeling their environment with their hands, stereoscopic vision etc.) The funny thing is, this was starting to happen with the dinosaurs 70 million years ago, before it got rudely interrupted (lucky for us huh?) It shows that the road to intelligence isnt something that happens only once, even on the same planet. I like our chances of one day finding it elsewhere.