Mind over Matter Part 1
Deep Thoughts…

My friend had been having dreams about native americans and about being really
fond of horses, yet he really had had no contact with them. We ended up going to
someone who helped him to remember more… through regressive hypnosis, and
found out that in a previous life he had been a chief in the sioux indian tribe,
and then we went to a reservation in south dakota, where people seemed to
instantly recognize him, though they had no idea who he was. And another strange
thing was that, the local horses, some of whom are extremely stuborn and wont
let anyone ride them… were very friendly around him… so much so, that when
we read of that tribes history and such, we were to identify exactly who he had
been in this previous life! After we left there, raymond felt more at peace with
the world, and felt like a more complete person…

The following are my own original thoughts, I havent ever seen anything like
this written or talked about elsewhere, it just makes sense to me:

I do believe in God… or a higher spiritual force… but my beliefs are
somewhat complicated. I feel that all of us, human beings, animals, plants, even
the very earth itself and all other celestial bodies, to some degree or another
contain an element I will call Consciousness… I believe that this element was
created when the Universe itself was born, and was distributed to varying
degrees or another throughout all objects within our Universe. It is more
concentrated in plants, and even more so in animals… but in intelligent beings
such as human beings… it is the most concentrated of all. And yes I do believe
there is other intelligent life out there; how can there not be, when we are
just a speck of dust in this galaxy, which is itself a speck of a speck in an
all-emcompassing universe? Anyway, I believe that this element I call
Consciousness is what is the primary motivation force behind creation in this
universe… and we have a particularly high concentration of it within ourselves.
Think about it… of all the creatures that live on this planet, human beings
are the closest to what we call the Creator… we create so many things… on a
large and small scale (according to our standards)… and what we call God…
creates as well, just on a much larger scale.

I believe, that just like Science, Religion seeks to answer the same questions,
but neither of them gets it quite right. Science approaches the issue from the
realm of the 5 senses, what we can see, hear, taste, touch and feel… and the
problem is, spirituality is beyond all of these. Religion seeks to use our inner
self, our “soul” or what I call Consciousness Personified, as its basis, and
comes up with a set of hard and fast rules and “books” (like the Bible), which
codify these “rules.” The problem with Religion is that its much too self
centered and ethnocentric and conservative… brings us back to when people
thought the earth was the center of the universe. WE (human beings) are NOT the
only creatures that have souls, and religion concentrates so heavily on people,
it ignores the Universe as a whole. Thats why, in so many religions “God” looks
like a human, he is the “son” or whatever… I dont believe ANY of this. I think
religion is simply man’s subjective attempt to understand the universe, and each
different religion is like a different language, they all have the same goal of
communicating with this Higher Power in mind… but they all have different
methods of getting there. Science, on the other hand is an objective method of
understanding the universe… but it too has a vulnerability: we do not even
understand ourselves, let alone the environment around us, and are limited from
understanding it through our 5 senses. Science has its “rules” and “laws” too,
and the problem with these is that we dont completely understand enough about
the Universe to make these “laws” hard and fast… in short Universal. I believe
that because science is limited (at the current time) to just the 5 senses…
theres a huge part of the Universe that lies beyond its grasp… and that the
Final Answer lies somewhere in between Science and Spirituality… It reminds me
of Newton and Einstein; Newton’s Laws fit the Universe perfectly… as it was
known to be in the 1600s… he was an amazing genius FAR ahead of his time…
but then Einstein came along 300 yrs later and totally changed everything… but
Einstein was a product of the time he lived in, of world war 2… when science
and physics in particular was developing ultrafast to meet society’s (unfortunate)
warlike needs… it didnt make Newton any less of a genius that he wasnt correct
about his vision of the Universe, he just had limited data to work with, and his
“universe” is just a subset of Einstein’s. It’s still correct, just not complete…
And I dont think Einstein’s is either (theres probably something wrong with E=mc^2
that we havent figured out just yet… its probably more like E=mc^1.99999 lol-
and that would make a HUGE difference on a universal scale)… and once we
figure out space and time travel… (we are just beginning to, through quantum
physics), we will begin to realize that Einstein’s universe is just a small part
of a larger Universe as well…

To answer an unasked question, I do not believe that this God has a human form,
although I believe IT can appear in one. There is no reason to believe that we
are any different or special from any of the other intelligent species in the
Universe, so I dont beleive there is any reason for “God” to look human in its
native appearance either. I believe it is something which has no specific form,
but is connected through all the objects of its Creation by a network of what I
would call the “Consciousness Force.” That is, every human being, animal, plant,
and even inanimate objects are connected to each other and to the very planet
itself like a spiders web. Now some threads are closer to each other than others
are, for example, a parent sibling, close friend etc…and some are especially
close… like a twin. In these instances the Consciousness Force manifests
itself especially strongly, and we feel “connected”… including experiencing
something we call ESP…. like when we know someone especially close to us is in
danger, or being able to reads their thoughts… these are ripples or waves (depending
on how strong they are), along that Psychic Web that the Consciousness Force
links together. We feel uneasy, or happy, or any of a thousand emotions in
between when we get hit by these “waves” and the reason we cant explain this
sixth sense is because… well in our physically oriented world… they arent
supposed to exist… so we live in denial. I also feel that after we die and
before we move onto the next life or level or whatever it is… we dont simply
cease to exist; our lifeforce or Conscious as Ive been calling it, continues to
exist, without physical form, as a ghost or spirit, and the method of death is
very important in determining what kind of personality this spiritual being
possesses… for example a violent death would mean a restless spirit while a
more natural one would mean one more at peace with itself. And there are those
among the living, whether it be close relatives or friends, or what we call “channelers”
who can communicate with these spirits, because they have special connections
along the Psychic Web that allow them to feel these delicate ripples that they
create. (I will tell you about my “Ghost” experiences sometime if you want,
somewhat scarey but really enjoyable on a cold winter’s night!)

As a further extension of the “after death experience” I do believe that
Personal Consciousness (aka our “spirits”) do get recycled after death and re-emerge
within a physical framework… whether human or nonhuman, or even inanimate…
depending upon the circumstances of “death” or more accurately, the “end of its
current existence.” We keep memories of our previous existences buried within
our brains (after all human beings use only 10-15% of their brains consciously)
because all the brain clutter would probably drive us insane with confusion! It
takes something like regressive hypnosis (like in the case I mentioned above) or
some kind of traumatic experience (there’s so many documented cases of this!) to
bring it out…

I do believe that science, specifically quantum physics, is getting closer and
closer to understanding this, and one day, science, spirituality, and everything
in between will merge in as one large body of knowledge, I just wish I was alive
to see that day, but I dont think it will happen for a few hundred years…
about the same time as space (faster than light) or time travel as well. (Dont
get me started on that, I also believe that time travel is possible, because
time isnt like a single stream, but like many branches of a rushing river, there
are an infinite number of pasts, presents and futures, and a new branch is made
each time we make a choice… and that we can travel into the past without
altering it, because when (not if) we do… we simply create a new branch along
the river of time.)

I wanted to add something I was thinking about today… and that is how perfect
the symmetry is that we exist in. If there is one unbreakable Law that exists in
our Universe, it’s that everything is part of something Greater and we are all
connected somehow. Just think of it… the atom that all matter is based on…
looks like our solar system on a miniaturized scale, with the nucleus being the
sun and the electrons being the planets, and the solar system is in turn the
Galazy on a smaller scale… its as if nature has a recurring symmetry on many
different scales and shows us how everything is part of something greater.

Spiritually too, we seek to be connected, to be part of something Greater… to
find some meaning in our lives. That is the basic purpose of religion. I firmly
believe in what I call the Community of Consciousness, that is, that we’re all
linked to each other through our spiritual force, and that all our emotions, joy,
fear, happiness and sadness, are the result of waves or ripples along the bonds
of this shared community… and that the degree of the emotion we are feeling is
directly linked to how close we are to others, and how strong our connections
are… this is where the term “empath” comes in…

It occurs to me that what applies to humans being part of a Conscious Collective,
can also apply to individual organs. I’m sure you have heard of stories of
cellular or organic consciousness… that is, to be more specific, cases of
organ donations having dreams about the donors or their families… something of
which they would know nothing about unless it were possible for individual
organs to store memories… something which isnt so far-fetched, considering the
fact that all our cells, have the capacity to store memories in our DNA/RNA
complex, its simply that the ability is normally switched off to keep “information
clutter” to a minimum. However, the fact that recipients of organ donations can
in fact dream about the details of the donor’s personal life proves (at least to
me) that consciousness is not simply limited to our brains and does not
necessarily die with it…a first step to proving that we ourselves are a
collective conscious of our individual organs and tissue, and ourselves are part
of a more global conscious collective.

By the way, many scientists are coming around to my point of view, and Princeton
University even has an ongoing project used to measure the emotional tendency of
humanity as a whole… and uses it to predict oncoming disasters… it was used
with success in 9/11 as well as the indonesian tsunami… it seems as if our
instincts tell us when something bad is about to happen, but with all the extra
sensory input of our environment we tend to ignore it. This is why animals are
so much better at being able to avoid tragedy… for example, hours before the
tsumani hit all the large animals on the island of Sumatra migrated up into the
hills, while so-called “superior” human beings were mindlessly sunning
themselves on the beaches…

Ive become interested also in the power of prayer as well as psychic projection
through dreams etc… and research at Duke University and Maimonides Hospital in
New York is showing, in double blind studies that it is indeed possible for
conscious people to project their thoughts into people who are dreaming… which
seems to fit in with my Shared Consciousness theory, in that we are all part of
something bigger, a greater Human mind, composed of all our individual minds as
it were. And studies are also showing that when people pray for terminal
patients, even if the patients dont know theyre being prayed for, and in double
blind fashion, that these terminal patients health markedly improves… and to
me this shows the power of our collective minds able to heal other parts of the
“Human Collective”… like a spider repairing broken strands of thread in its
own web.

I believe that the Government has done work in this area for decades now, as
have other Govts around the world, and there is ample evidence to show that not
only has the national Govt done secret classified projects but local law
enforcement also uses the services of people who possess ESP powers to solve
crimes… like people who experience crime scenes through out of body
experiences, astral projection, remote viewing, etc. Ive seen evidence that the
CIA recruits these “special people” right out of high school and such… and
puts them on special projects and sends them to school in places which take them
away from their families. Not a very comforting thought, I must say. But the
fact that ESP does exist proves my “shared consciousness” theory, because ESP is
one of the glues that hold everything together… its something we all possess,
and keeps us connected to each other… its just a matter of encouraging our
natural abilities instead of just concentrating on just what the 5 senses
provide us… not a very easy thing to do in a physically not psychically
oriented world. However slowly but surely, as we communicate with other cultures
and share information, we are coming to understand how connected we all are, and
these establishment barriers are going down. And who knows, maybe one day, we
will be able to communicate with an ET civilization and truly realize we are all
of one mind…


^that link contains some info about the collective mind theory Ive been talking
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Mind over Matter Part 2 – Edit
December 23, 2009
Mind over Matter Part 2


Here’s an excerpt:

Dr Olsen (front) and Dr Haine being transported Teleportation, a concept
popularised in the original Star Trek television series, is edging closer to
reality through work being conducted by theorists from The University of
Queensland and Australian National University. Researchers from UQ’s Australian
Research Centre for Quantum Atom Optics (Dr Ashton Bradley, Dr Simon Haine and
Dr Murray Olsen) and Australian National University (Joseph Hope) have proposed
a new way of teleporting matter waves. “We propose a scheme which allows an atom
laser beam to disappear at one location and reappear at another,” Dr Bradley
said. “We feel that our scheme is closer in spirit to the original fictional
concept,” Dr Haine said.

“Our scheme is quite different from what is usually coined quantum teleportation
because it gets around the need for the sender and receiver to share
entanglement, as the quantum state to be teleported is never actually measured,”
Dr Bradley said. “As our scheme doesn’t rely on the quality of the entanglement,
it may be possible to achieve more accurate teleportation via this method,” he
said. Dr Bradley said the team would now embark on more detailed calculations,
which took into account more complicated effects including the effects of the
atoms colliding with each other, which could degrade the fidelity of the
teleportation. Dr John Close at ANU also has plans to implement these
experiments and related ones in the next few years.

Interesting how what was seen as fantasy slowly becomes possible as our
technology and knowledge of science improves! To me, teleportation can be
thought of as matter or energy passing from our universe into another and back
into ours at a different point in space/time. Another thing I thought about
regarding our discussion of parallel universes and the multiverse was Heisenberg’s
Uncertainty Principle, the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy and something
called vacuum energy. I dont know if youre familiar with this or not but, when
quantum mechanics came into prominence, something called Heisenberg’s Uncertainy
Principle became one of the central pillars of QM (much to Einstein’s chagrin.)
In brief, this states that you cant know, exactly, the position and the mass of
a particle at the same time. For example, in the process of measuring where an
electron is, we have to use photons of light, and these photons of light nudge
it away from the position we were measuring it to be. On the macroscopic scale,
the effect is much more neglible… but it is still there. The Uncertainty
Principle has an interesting corollary: a vacuum could never be truly empty. For,
if it was, you already knew its mass or rest energy without measuring it (0) and
all that would remain would be to ascertain its position, thereby breaking the
Principle of Uncertainty. Thus was born the idea of vacuum energy and the theory
behind it, which involves “virtual particles.” That is, that no vacuum is truly
a vacuum because subatomic particles are continuously created and destroyed at
an incredible pace, much too fast for us to measure directly. Think of it as the
scan lines on a CRT monitor. The scan frequency is usually so high (85 Hz or so)
that our eyes see one continuous picture. A vacuum is the same way. The
particles are created and destroyed so fast that we dont detect them– that’s
why they are virtual particles. Evem though, this theory seems esoteric (and
makes our universe appear to be random and chaotic– which is why Einstein HATED
it), it actually explains a great deal. For example, our universe is thought to
have come into existence in this way, a massive virtual particle that
explosively expanded before it could “wink out.” Other universes could form in
the same way, while universes too instable (whether it be because of incipient
laws of physics of said universe or not) would have their “bubbles popped” and
be destroyed like ordinary virtual particles. Is there any proof of the
existence of virtual particles and vacuum energy, you ask? Well, yes– look up
the Casimir Effect. It is possible to detect the effects of virtual particles
without detecting the particles themselves, and this is how it was proven that
vacuums arent really empty and virtual particles are real.

My little essay on vacuum energy and virtual particles is leading up to my point
about parallel universes. As you can see, what the Heisenberg Uncertainty
Principle has done has essentially found a violation for one of the major laws
of physics: the law of conservation of mass-energy (the mass-energy connotation
is a nod to the fact that mass can be converted back and forth from energy,
obeying Einstein’s famous e=mc2– now you see why Einstein hated quantum
mechanics so much– it poked holes in his ideas!) This violation of conservation
exists on a very small, but very fundamental scale. Consider the fact that
although the violation can only be detected at the subatomic level, our universe
was, at one stage, a subatomic particle and we might owe our very existence to
the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as well as vacuum energy and virtual
particles. Also consider the fact that this vacuum energy might be able to be
tapped into one day, to harness power that mankind might need to traverse the
stars– the fact that we can find “free energy” in the vacuum of space, far away
from our own sun, is a very attractive idea, dont you think?

There is just one thing that doesnt sit well with me. Where does this free
energy come from? How can particles and energy come into being from nothing? It
just seemed very illogical and disorderly to me. And anything that seems
illogical yet proven to exist in science is usually the result of a piece of
the puzzle being missing– there’s something that’s being left out that would
make sense out of our observations and theories. And I believe that’s the
multiverse concept. I got to thinking about our discussion concerning parallel
universes as well as reading this article I linked you. What if this virtual
mass/energy doesnt come into being from nothing at all, but is just being
teleported from one parallel universe into another? That is, what if the law of
conservation of mass-energy is preserved, but it covers the whole multiverse,
not just our own? That would follow the pattern of other conservation laws that
were seemingly broken, only to be found to be preserved at a “higher level.”
What I propose is that the virtual mass/energy is spontaneously teleported from
one universe to another (into and out of our own) through some yet-unknown
quantum mechanical means and that the total mass-energy of the multiverse
remains the same at all times, just where a certain particle of mass or photon
of energy is located is what remains in question. (See, my little idea preserves
not only Conservation of Mass-Energy but also Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
as we are still uncertain of a particle’s exact location.) To my mind, this idea
sounds very logical and follows in the history of previous theories that
explained violations of cornerstone laws of physics in that the violation only
occured because we werent analyzing the whole system (when we speak of just one
universe); that, instead, we need to look at it from a larger perspective– that
our universe isnt a closed system in and of itself but is part of a bigger
multiverse where our laws of physics are preserved on a much higher level.
Another idea that came to me is that one day we might find some use of this
untapped virtual energy– when our species advances to a sufficient
technological level we could one day create some sort of pump (read: artificial
wormhole) to access energy from other universes; of course, we would also have
to find a way to get rid of any excess to keep our universe in balance (read:
artificial black hole.) Come to think of it, that’s ANOTHER puzzle my little
idea solves– the paradox of what happens when matter enters a black hole. In
the past, scientists would simply say “all laws of physics break down.” Well, to
me, that’s the chicken’s way out. What they are afraid to admit is that, in
current theories of physics, black holes are a mass-energy “leak”. That is
matter and energy are disappearing from the universe and going down into the
infinite gravity well that is a black hole. But what if, instead of being a mass-energy
leak, black holes were really a balance? What if black holes are just leveling
out the mass/energy we receive from quantum teleportation via microwormholes (my
word for how virtual particles come into existence in our universe and others.)?
In that case, they would be essential in maintaining the functional stability of
our universe (as well as others) by channeling excess mass/energy into another
universe (effectively a black hole in one universe would be the wormhole into
another!) And if my idea about microwormholes is correct, we have countless
trillions of them around us all the time! For the Casimir Effect is very mundane
and noticeable even to high school students in a school lab! šŸ˜› Virtual
particles and energy are all around us. The process of detection by effect might
also help us identity the true nature and function of dark matter and dark
energy– it could be large conglomerates of virtual particles and energy that
surround us, that aggregate together and, by their very nature, go undetected,
except by indirect means. The funny thing is, scientists had long been searching
for wormholes, because they are the only way around the speed of light limit (according
to Einstein) and mathematically predicted both by Einstein and by Quantum
Mechanics, yet they have been so elusive as to have gone completely
undetected, even though, if I am correct, they are right under our noses! Since
microblackholes have already been theorized to exist (and, in my view, serve the
essential function of “sucking out” excess virtual particles and energy buildup)–
the existence of microwormholes is a logical extension of theory.

I am very excited at the prospect of how this might open up new areas within
science for us to explore in the coming decades and how technology could, one
day, make use of this untapped source of near-limitless energy. Once again, we
see that the very minute and the very large are interconnected– the world of
subatomic particles, while seeming to be illogical and mysterious– has a huge
impact on the macroscopic universe around us and something as esoteric as the
Uncertainty Principle, vacuum energy, virtual particles and teleportation not
only can prove the existence of multiple universes, but the origin of our very
own, as well as one day maybe providing the final answer to our species’ quest
for more energy to be able to propel us in both time and space on a quest to
understand the very nature of existence and our own place in this grand
multiverse of ours.
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Mind over Matter Part 3 – Edit
December 23, 2009
Mind over Matter Part 3

branching time theory– in quantum physics its called the MWT- or many worlds
theory- and there’s proof to back up this theory in the celebrated light
experiment which created an interference pattern of light and dark, which can
only be explained clearly by assuming that the same photons are branching off
and passing through different parallel universes (and back again) in which the
photons trajectory is subtly altered, permitting them to be in more than one
place at the same time. Lol, now my head is hurting. Personally, I feel that
photons and gravitons (massless particles) are the key to travel through
parallel universes, as the speed of light is a fundamental constant that serves
as a “barrier” (I say barrier in quotes because I dont believe its a barrier in
an absolute sense, rather it is a “wall” that separates our universe from others
and like all other walls, there’s always a way around it, if our technological
expertise reaches that level.) As far as gravitons, the fundamental particle of
gravity is concerned, it is actually the only particle which seems to break that
“barrier.” That is, gravity acts instaneously, without regard to the light speed
barrier; there is no delay in expression. If the sun were to disappear, the
earth wouldnt continue to spin around nothingness for 8 minutes (the length of
time it takes sunlight to reach us.) Rather, the motion would stop immediately.
This has also been proven through telescopic observations of supernovae. Gravity
is seen as a fundamental component of space-time… but what if it’s much more
than that? What if the reason that gravity acts instantaneously and does not “fit
in” with the other fundamental forces is that it exists outside of our universe
and is a force of the greater multiverse? That is, I believe, gravity is the
glue that holds all the different universes together and the reason why none of
our natural laws explain it fully is because it exists outside of our universe
and we only see the part of it that our senses (and universe) can convey.
Remember, there are many dimensions outside of the 3 spatial dimensions we are
familiar with, even though they are not fully expressed in our universe. (These
extra dimensions are needed to explain how the Big Bang
could have expanded from a cosmic egg to something so huge so fast.) Well,
gravity could possibly exist in those other dimensions and our science isnt at
the level to explore those dimensions just yet– therefore our understanding of
it is incomplete. The same goes for dark matter and dark energy– the reason
that we cant observe it is because– once again– it is a fundamental property
of the greater multiverse and existed before our own universe was created, so we
cant detect it with our senses directly, but need indirect means like– you
guessed it– its gravitation effect on the normal matter around it. There’s alot
of research on all these items that Ive done in my free time and Ive saved it
all and will show you this when we have more time. Which is paradoxical for me
to say, since some of the articles Ive read, point to time not existing at all,
but just being our brain’s way of comprehending changes in our environment– and
on the smallest level, the Planck Scale, time completely stopping. This
reinforces another of my personal beliefs: that all our theories and everything
that we sense as biological organisms, is just an approximation of the truth. A
convenient approximation that helps us comprehend a nearly incomprehensible
universe. If we go down to scales smaller and smaller, we find that our natural
laws keep changing and when we reach the smallest of scales, they break down
completely. It seems to me our natural laws are just an approximation of reality,
generalities that are more than 99 pct accurate on our scale of the universe,
but if we analyze our universe on the subatomic scale, we see that the universe
is completely different. It’s like looking at your screen from far away and
seeing a crystal clear and crisp image, but when you look at things more closely
you can see the graininess of individual pixels. Our brain does a good
approximation of what’s out there, but reality is far more complex than what we
can comprehend. BTW, the same decoupling exists on larger scales as well; the
structure of star clusters, galaxies and galactic clusters needs further
refinement of our natural laws (like the addition of dark matter and dark energy
and einstein’s cosmological constant– things we cannot detect on our own scales–
even though we may be surrounded by the stuff). Our natural laws simply cover a
very small part of the total spectrum– much like our vision comprises a very
small part of the total electromagnetic spectrum. If it werent for
instrumentation and the magic of technology, that small visual spectrum would be
all the universe that we know. But it’s that very development of technology and
the continued evolution of science that gives us hope for a better understanding
of the universe around us with every passing generation. One hundred years ago
who would have thought you and I would have bene communicating in this manner?
Surely, almost as unbelievable as teleportation was to us just a few years ago–
and yet the nearly impossible is not only possible, but probably quite likely.
That is the jist of what I am saying– that our wonderfully complex and
interconnected multiverse makes the almost impossible quite likely– our brains
are fundamentally (and quantumly) connected to the rest of the universe,
therefore no matter how wild the theories we might dream up– there is a good
chance that somewhere (whether it’s our universe or another or somewhere in
between) those dreams are likely to be real.

Just wanted to add the dual nature of light– both as particle and wave– can be
explained by multiple parallel universes in which light behaves as one or the
other and both universes being superimposed on each other (i.e.–parallel) being
the way to explain how light can be both particle and wave at the same “time.”
It’s a neat way to explain a puzzling paradox– how can light be two
fundamentally different things at the same time? Well, how about it is two
different things in two different universes, but light being massless, can
freely pass back and forth between universes and what we detect is after it
comes back from a parallel universe through a micro-wormhole. Another paradox is
how does something massless like light get affected by gravity (like that inside
black holes)? Well, if both are fundamental components of a greater multiverse
than perhaps what a black hole really is, is a “leak” between different
universes and it’s this leak that traps light. For us to achieve a greater
understanding of our universe, we must acknowledge that we are limited by the
precision of our instruments and the fallibility of our senses. For example, for
a long time, the proton, neutron and electron were though of as the fundamental
particles of matter. But then, a large range of subatomic particles were
discovered (in the 60s) and physicists decided that something was wrong, and
there must be something more fundamental that was beyond the range of our
instruments and our science. Thus the quark and gluon was born and a whole host
of other subatomic particles that were discovered in our minds before they were
ever found in the lab. Not only did these new particles revolutionize subatomic
physics, they revolutionized every othe branch of science because of wide-reaching
impacts. Not only physics, but biology (some enzymes are thought to work through
quantum processes), chemistry (which is just physics on a macroscopic scale),
even psychology and the study of human consciousness and where it originates.
Some of the new particles were discovered at extremely high energies like just
after the Big Bang, when the fundamental forces of the universe were just One
and these particles not only unified those forces but acted like a time machine
to show us what went on when the Universe was young. Not only that, but the
closer we peer into subatomic structure, the more we understand about the whole
Universe– paradoxical isnt it, that to understand something so huge we must
look at something so tiny?! This is just as paradoxical as gravity– that a
force so weak on the subatomic scale can be so strong as to govern the whole
fate of the universe. That is another reason I feel that it must be a property
of the multiverse– where the balance of its strength lies. The same goes for
dark energy (the force that causes the universe to expand at greater than light
speed) as well as dark matter– we cant detect them because they are not
completely in our universe, rather they are stretched across multiple dimensions
and multiple universes and we only know they are there because of the way they
affect– you guessed it– gravity! These multiple dimensions fold in and out of
real space (the space that we know and that our senses were biologically built
to comprehend) and the way that gravity can act instaneously (and the way we
might be able to travel faster than light) is through these folds– analogous to
a worm burrowing from one side of an apple to another without having to travel
all the way around. Time travel might be possible in a similar way (to me space
and time travel are linked.)

To add to the mayhem, now it seems there might be a particle substructure beyond
the quark, so the deeper and deeper we peer, the more layers our proverbial
onion seems to have. The important thing to understand is that, while our
technology has its limits, our mind does not– and all these exotic discoveries
were first made inside the brain before they were ever found in the lab.
Einstein learned about the universe inside his own mind before there was ever
any experimental verification of his ideas. The same goes for Planck, Bohr,
Heisenberg and the rest of the pioneers of quantum physics. But great as these
theorists were, they were never able to bridge the gap between the macroscopic
world (Einstein’s theory of relativity) and the nanoscopic world (that of
quantum mechanics). That frustrated Einstein til the end of his life (cant blame
him, the science was still in its infancy) and it is the next frontier–
something scientists have been working on inside their fertile minds for decades
now. That is how cutting edge science will need to work if it hopes to evolve
into creating a greater understanding of reality; somewhere our technology
cannot go as of now. The mind is the birthplace of ideas, concepts and theories,
the function of technology is to confirm them and to implement them to the
benefit of human society. This symbiotic feedback relationship is necessary if
we are to flourish and evolve as a species and survive to develop a greater
understanding of the Reality around us.
By Alex H at 8:14pm |
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Mind over Matter Part 4 – Edit
December 23, 2009
Mind over Matter Part 4
Quantum Universe and the Ultimate Truth

Even if you’re not into computers, read through the following, I make some
illustrative and cogent points at the end.

Quantum computers make use of quantum physics, the rules of subatomic particles
and light, to create a computing system. Where a classical computers uses binary
values of 0 and 1, a quantum system can be in a state that represents either 0
or 1, or a probabilistic blend of both states, known as a “superposition,” so
that it has the potential to be either 0 or 1 with its value only be determined
at time of measurement. These quantum bits of information, or qubits,
essentially take on all possibilities until measured, when the state of the
qubits collapse to an actual value.

The science behind quantum computing gets even weirder. Two particles that
represents qubits in a quantum computer system–say two electrons with their up
and down spin representing 0 and 1, respectively–can be entangled. That is, the
states of the two particles rely on each other irrespective of the distance
between them. When one electron is measured and collapses to a value, its
entangled partner–whether a meter away or a light year–reacts as well. Such
entanglement is a key factor in the computations that can be achieved with a
quantum system

Finally, a quantum calculation done with a certain number of qubits in essence
performs the calculation on all combinations of those bits, a property that,
some physicists have theorized, can only happen because the subatomic particles
exist in multiple dimensions. The ability of quantum computing to attempt every
possibility to a solution at the same time makes classically difficult problems,
such as factoring, a snap.

Today, quantum computers are essentially at the same stage as conventional
computers were at during the first half of the 20th century, with some
theoretical foundations and rudimentary working hardware.

For a computer that exists in multiple dimensions and uses a form of
teleportation in its calculations, taking a hundred, or even a thousand, times
longer means little.

Fascinating stuff… and a glimpse into the future!

This is one of the reasons why I feel, that on a higher level science and
spirituality will combine one day and prove to both be components of something
much greater.

It’s not about computers to me… it’s about the idea that certain things do not
exist til we see or measure them.

For example, let’s say I gave you a card, and I told you the card had a number
on the other side… the number could be from 0-9. Now logically you’d think
that whatever number is on the other side is fixed. Not so! According to the
quantum universe, the number on the other side is ALL the numbers from 0-9 til
we actually turn it over and then it “collapses” to just one number. It sounds
like it goes completely against logic, and in our little subset of reality it
does. BUT this is something that’s been proven and, to me, it shows that what we
see of the real world is but a small fraction of what’s truly out there. We see
what we chose to see. Out of this little example, one day we could build space
ships or time travel machines, because if something can be ANYTHING at all until
it’s measured… then we could go anywhere… do anything… even if it seems
IMPOSSIBLE to us, given the proper “measuring” equipment!

We only use a small portion of our brains; anything is possible, it’s us who
chose to put limits on what we can do. There’s so much inside of us that no one
could even contemplate. The universe exists in a supersymmetry of repeating
layers one on top of another. The atom is a microcosm of the molecule which is a
microcosm of a cell which is a microcosm of an organ which is a microcosm of a
creature… and it’s no coincidence that an atom looks like a solar system on a
much smaller scale just like a solar system looks like a miniaturized version of
the whole Galaxy. What we think of as inanimate objects; sand, rocks, land and
sea masses, the earth, the moon, the planets, the sun, the solar system, the
stars, even the whole galaxy itself (and other galaxies, like our own cluster
and supercluster) might all contain their own consciousness, something not
unlike our own… it’s just that they exist on a scale that is beyond our own
comprehension, and that’s why we dont think of them as being alive, much less
intelligent. But thought of as parts of something greater, just like our own
cells and organs are a part of us… then you begin to understand how EVERYTHING
might have its own, innate soul and intelligence. As evidence of this, I submit
what’s popularly called “cellular consciousness,” (which I’ve covered in a
different essay) the idea that each of our organs, indeed our very own cells,
have a consciousness, individual and as part of the group. This is why sometimes
organ recipients seem to remember (perhaps in dream form) the lives and families
of the donors who gave them the organs even though they seem to have no apparent
connection to them. And maybe what we call energy (light, in its many forms…
for example, starlight) really is just a manifestation of the soul, both
Universal (the light of whole galaxies) and Individual (the light of a single
star). This could also be similarly analogued to the “death” throes of a star;
when it explodes as a supernova, it burns up in a flash of light that, for a
brief moment, outshines the entire Galaxy. But it never really dies– its matter
and energy is scattered throughout space and time and form the building blocks
for the next star, or solar system. (We, as a matter of fact, come from an
earlier generation star– that’s where all elements above Hydrogen and Helium
originate from– so we are, in all reality, children of the stars.) This is much
like what happens when an organism on Earth dies; it isn’t lost forever, it
becomes part of the next generation (whether it’s in physical form, or the
recycled soul– aka reincarnation.) And what we call “spirits” or “ghosts” are
just disembodied souls waiting to be reborn, with memories of their past life
intentionally buried by our minds, to withold unnecessary trauma and confusion–
until regression that is– as per my earlier essay. I believe these souls exist
partly in our spatial dimensions and partly in the extra dimensions that
scientists feel must exist for current theories of the Universe to be valid–
this would explain why they can walk through solid matter– they are here with
us, but slightly out of phase, that is partly in our Universe and partly not.
These are the same dimensions that dark matter is supposed to exist in– dark
matter being the extra matter that has to exist to explain the amount of gravity
it takes to keep the universe together. It not being in our plane of existence
would explain why we haven’t been able to detect it through normal means– just
like with spirits.

The fact that we are all made up of the same matter and come from the same
origins shows how we’re all connected: sand, dirt, rock, plants, plankton,
bacteria, worms, lizards, birds, dogs and even us (a similar relation probably
exists on all planets that can support life)! And now, even the very stars
themselves! (And whatever life once existed on planets that orbited them– so we
might share the same genetic makeup as some long extinct alien as well as being
related to some that currently exist!) As I mentioned in a previous essay, I
consider psychic powers to be just another form of energy that connects us, like
tendrils in a web; the closer we are connected to someone (relatives, friends,
etc), the more we are able to use senses beyond the basic five, in order to tell
how they are feeling– like ripples along the web; especially if they are sad,
or in trouble, the ripples are much larger and affect us to a much greater
degree. Perhaps this effect is greatest in twins: they seem to know when the
other is facing some sort of trouble or trauma, to an almost uncanny degree.
Next closest would probably be mothers– that “motherly” instinct that we so
cherish. Partners feel the connection too, and not just through trauma. When you
feel that strong connection you can “complete each other’s sentences” and know
what the other is going to say before they ever say it. What do all of these
relationships have in common? Well, think about it. When you feel so close to
someone, you stop thinking of yourself as just one person, you think of yourself
and that other person you are close to, sharing a special connection, being a
part of each other; whether it’s a twin, a best friend, a spouse or a parent/child
relationship. It feels so natural and makes us so happy! Why does it? Because it
IS natural… it is the way the whole Universe works from the submicroscopic
atom up to the largest cluster of galaxies. This close connection, sense of
Wholeness and Completion– this is what we call Love. It exists within each of
us, within each of our cells, which work together to form the human organism, as
well as outside of us, when we show love for another, and even Universal Love,
which is the overall love and desire for existence that all of creation shares,
animate and nonanimate (yes, even rocks can love!) Even the earth and every
speck of dust, every star and whole galaxies can love in this sense– because we
form a part of them and they of us, and since we can love, so can they; it’s
just that their energies are diluted because they are spread out across a
greater area. If you analyze the multiple frequencies of light energy the
Universe emits and convert them to sound, you’ll realize that it is a wonderful
symphony of all creation great and small, and what bonds all of together is
Universal Love, expressed through that enigmatic force we call Gravity. There’s
a great deal of evidence and research that shows that the power of prayer and
good thoughts can improve the health of terminal patients too, even when the
well wishers and the ones who prayed have seemingly no physical or emotional
connection to the patients. This just shows that any of us can manipulate the
psychic energy that surrounds us, for good or for bad, when we tap into the
Universal Consciousness of which we all form a part. A similar explanation can
be plausibly postulated for any sixth sense property– from remote viewing to
telekinesis, if we look at human beings (and indeed all of creation) to be a
small part of a larger whole, and the tapping into the energies of this greater
whole gives us the power to cause these seemingly incredible feats. Think of it
as individual cells inside a Universal Organism. Each cell by itself is
functional, but in a group of cells (the organ) they become part of a greater
Whole, and as part of an even larger group (the body), they become part of
something even greater– a creature that can manipulate its own environment. And
each person is part of a community, so on and so forth. All of Nature exists in
these overlapping structures and superstructures, living and nonliving– indeed
the word “nonliving” is a misnomer when we consider that even those things we
consider to be nonliving contain the properties of life– for example, fire. It
breaths oxygen, consumes energy and reproduces. In this view, there is no
distinction between living and nonliving, we all form part of that Universal
Whole. And of course, we consume plants that take minerals from the earth, or
animals that consumed those plants and, after we die, our once “living” body
becomes a physical part of our “nonliving” environment once again… so is there
really any distinction between living and nonliving? No… we are a part of each
other! Another way to look at the concept of Community is to think back to when
only single celled creatures existed on the primordial earth (and where did
these single celled creatures come from? Yes, from our “nonliving” environment!
Yet another connection!)… the ancestors of bacteria and even of our own
mitochondria– cellular organs that consume energy. These single celled
creatures started to combine billions of years ago, to form larger structures,
realizing the greater powers and more abilities they had as part of a greater
Whole. (More power to manipulate their environment and a greater likelihood of
survival in hostile environments.) We are the final result of that natural
tendency. And yet, billions of years later, our cells still contain the remnants
of those pioneers of evolution: the cellular mitochondria, that even contain
their own, original, DNA! Our DNA might even contain traces of alien chemistry
that existed before our solar system formed, as the higher elements were all
formed from the explosion of a dying star, a supernova. And whatever life might
have existed on its planets might conceivably have contributed to our DNA– and
to the DNA (or its equivalent) that exists in life that evolved on planets
orbitting other stars. These are just more indications of the greater
connections that exist between ALL of us, once we stop being afraid and put our
walls down and realize that we don’t exist just within ourselves, but are part
of a greater whole. We all make up part of a greater Universal Consciousness,
and like it or not, something that happens to someone else (whether they are in
the same room with us or half a universe away, living or nonliving), affects us
in some way or other, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how close our
connection to them is. The closer the connection is, the larger the ripples are
that converge upon us across the Universal Web. Yes, our minds try to shield us
from trauma and confusion and the physical universe overwhelms our senses, but
the effect is still there and, in particularly sensitive people, to a degree
that shows itself in ESP abilities.

The Universal truths we seek must lie somewhere in between science and
spirituality, incorporating the best ideas of both. This is where extra
dimensions and the possibility of teleportation and/or time travel comes in (travel
between adjoining dimensions, of which time is one). The Universe and its
Creator are poetic in their whimsies (maybe our own poetry is a sign of that
Creator within us… again on a different scale, in this case microscopic) and
seem to build discrete structures that repeat the same patterns over and over
again. Well to me this means that what we can do with small particles:
teleportation and multidimensional space and time travel (already done in the
lab on the subatomic level)– will one day become possible with larger units as
well– including people– provided we find a storehouse of energy large enough
to work with (perhaps the energy of stars– like the sun– when we’re
technologically ready.)

I have a view of Gravity, too. It puzzles people because it doesn’t seem to
follow any of the “rules” concerning attraction– it doesn’t emit any energy nor
does it seem to exist in particle form. But what if Gravity is simply matter/energy’s
innate desire to attract and love… what if it’s simply akin to the attraction
between two people, just on a much larger scale. Just because we think of the
Earth and Sun as not being alive, much less intelligent, doesn’t make them so.
It’s entirely possible that Gravity is a delicate play of flirting (for lack of
a better word) and attraction that leads them into an intricate dance between
one and the other (the orbit). (Lol, the sun is such a player; it has many
planets, comets and asteroids.) The reason I feel this way is because this same
“dance” is repeated over and over again, from the level of the simple atom to
the huge superstructure of Galaxies, who attract each other and cluster around,
much like people do on a social level, all because of this mighty force that we
call Gravity.

So energy in it’s many forms could be considered a manifestation of Soul– in
which case the terms “animate” and “inanimate” mean NOTHING since everything
emits energy in one form or another. And gravity is the universal attractant,
the carrier of Universal Love, that which draws all of us, “animate” or “inanimate,”
big and small, closer together. Science and Metaphysics uniting in an attempt to
explain the many puzzles and riddles of the Universe! I have all these visions
and ideas inside my head and it makes me sad to know I won’t be alive (in this
form, at any rate), when any of it is realized. But when we look back at the
past and see where we have come from, we have to realize that although these
futuristic ideas seem very farfetched, you and I communicating like this, over
the internet, on an electronic device– instantaneously– would have been
equally, if not moreso, farfetched a hundred years ago. It just shows that
progress waits for no one and although the march of time might seem slow to us,
it’s inexorable and catches up to everything and everyone.

You can see a higher power in everything, no matter if it’s so infinitesimal
that you can’t even see it in a microscope or so huge that it would fill up our
whole sky if it were closer to us. We’re all connected on such a deep level–
and anything that happens anywhere in the universe eventually, in some shape or
form, will affect US. This is how the universe was designed to be– it is just
one great superorganism and each of us are but minute cells in that organism.
Yes we have our lives and our independence, but only within the framework of
said organism– just like cells inside the organ of a sentient creature. There
is a “Master Plan” out there, and I think it’s our purpose in life to discover
what it is. We have had genuises like Aristotle and Plato, Newton and Einstein
illuminate parts of it (and in the process advance humanity greatly in science
and technology), and it’s our job to continue their work; for each generation to
get closer and closer to the Ultimate Truth.