Philosophy on Love

Time outside that which we have with each other doesnt exist, it feels like forever that it holds its breath until we meet again, our hearts in a bubble, waiting to be unlocked with a key which only the other one holds. Bring me in from the cold, a little smile in times of trouble, enough to bring me to heaven, thinking of the next moment together, the next moment of bliss.

I say sweet dreams and good night and dont let the bed bugs bite, though it might seem this is good bye its just closer to saying hello on a brand new day, though the body is far away, the heart is always here to stay!

Love is the perfect union of two souls– this union not
necessarily of soul mates, but can also be “soul sibling” or “soul parent” love…
pure love in all its forms, is what we must all strive to achieve, and whether
or not we ever do achieve that perfect love is not the point, its the pursuit of
it that helps us grow as people, and helps us to realize the greater beauty of
the world around us. I would add here that perfect love or any pursuit of such
begins from within, and if we do not have love for ourselves we do not have love
to share with others. Now it may seem selfish to think of loving ourselves, but
never mistake selfishness for love… because jealousy, manipulation and
dishonesty– all necessary components of selfishness, are mutually exclusive of
true love. By loving ourselves, I mean we need to understand that no matter who
we are, we all play a key role in the success of our society, and we are all
important, and to give of ourselves in order to make our society a better place–
this is what loving ourselves means. It is this generosity of giving of
ourselves that also shares our love, not only with people that we know, but also
with people that we do not know– love (I feel) is a logarithmic equation) that
is twice blessed, once for the giver and once for the receiver– and every time
it is shared, that love and a share of the heart of the giver reside inside the
receiver, making their heart that much bigger and readier to share love with
others. We touch so many people without even knowing who, or how we touched them.

Children are a representation, a
personification, of perfect love… that is why I feel all children are perfect
as they are born unto the world, until their environment can begin to corrupt
them. I have no children, but just looking at the purity of a baby’s smile or
the innocent sparkle in their eyes, proves it to me… they see the world in a
whole different light than we do, they see it for the truly beautiful and
inspirational place it can be because each child sees the world in a whole new
way; like a diamond with an infinite number of facets, the birth of a new child
opens up a whole new reality and path to the future in front of us. This newness
of a child’s world view is essential to creativity and the future of humankind–
without it culture would stagnate and humanity would descend into– my
favorite word– BOREDOM (lol)– and disorder. A new child represents a new
motivation for us to succeed, one not only for ourselves, but also for them…
to make them proud of us, and to be a role model for them. As such, children
have much to teach us– not only about them, but also about ourselves, about
what love really is, and about what true beauty exists in our world today, and
our desire to preserve it for their tomorrow. Children aren’t just a little
version of us, they are a BETTER version of us, nature (and our) attempt to
achieve an even greater perfection than was achieved with the previous
generation. We build upon the successes and mistakes of the previous generation
in order to achieve a better tomorrow with our heirs. We all have a little child
inside of us, that purity that hasn’t been tarnished, and that will always be
the best part of us– the part that lets us be creative, the part that lets us
imagine, and the part that helps us to dream what may happen, if we but try– in
short it’s the part that I (and many others, I suspect) access when we write, or
do anything else creative or productive. Children, whether we speak of the
biological variety, or of the inner child inside all of us, are our hope for the
present and the future, as well as our link to the past– without them society
would lose its very foundation, its reason for caring and its motivation to make
the world a better place.

Children are the greatest teachers of the greatest lesson the world has ever
known. And that lesson is love.

Love to me is a multifaceted jewel that exists on so many levels, that what we
as humans understand as love is just one small part of it. Yes there are
different forms of love, love of self, love of soulmate, love of sibling, love
of parents, and love of friends and other family. BUT I feel that there is also
other forms of more subtle love. Animals can love… Plants can love, even
inanimate objects such as the earth itself can love. Think about how it supports
all of us, gives all of us its precious resources so we might survive. The same
can be said of the sun. As another example– what is music but the perfect
physical representation of love through the medium of sound carried on air
molecules? No one can sit here and say that music is not a pure form of love–
scientific studies have shown its abilities in healing, even in infants, and
also how it can aid (or degrade lol) brain development. One of the very
qualities of love itself, is harmony, and the word harmony has music as its

I also believe (as I wrote in blogs previous to this) that to love another one
must love oneself first… and make no mistake, this is no narcissistic self-love
I am typing of here, but the kind that creates and engenders respect for oneself
and for others, where one realizes (to a degree– not absolutely, or else there
would be no purpose to life) ones place in the grand scheme of things. If one
does not have unconditional love of self than one does not have love to share
with others.

Finally I believe that the greatest teachers of love are children and animals.
They love unconditionally, from birth, because they know no other way to be. We
can learn much from them that we have forgotten along the way because of the
corruption the environment around us causes. Love is a great circle and the
greatest example of that is how the teachers (adults) become students and how
students (kids) become teachers of love to the previous generation. Love can also be described as a circle because a circle has no beginning and no end and when you have unconditional love, it seems like its always existed, even before you knew the object of your love (no beginning) and will exist forever, even beyond death (no end).

One of love’s most healing qualities is its
restoration of faith into the faithless and the restoration of hope into the
hopeless. How does it do this? I believe that love is a fundamental force of the
universe as much as any of the 4 physical forces… and that it exerts pressure
on all of us, living or inanimate… it connects us all to each other, so the
healthier parts can help heal the unhealthy ones. Love is like the glue that
holds together the many strands of the web which connects us all to each other,
an ever-renewing glue that seeks to make every strand as unbreakable as the
strongest one. Ever notice how we can tell a loved one is in danger before we
know whats going on? This is just one example of how love makes our connections
stronger– in this case thru ESP. It may not always succeed– but that is mostly
due to the weight already placed on said strand– rather than some fundamental
flaw with love itself.

In another essay, I presented my theories on the soul/spirit being higher multidimensional in its source, and I believe the same to be true of love. Love, in its essence, is the way the soul communicates to another soul, and because the soul exists beyond the three dimensional world we can detect with our senses, we can at best describe it vaguely. Love, in quite the same manner, has given both scientists and philosophers quite a conundrum in its ability to heal both the mind and the body (miraculous cures have been done with the healing power of love alone– one example of how higher multidimensional reality can easily accomplish what seems impossible in conventional three dimensional reality– and is thus dubbed a “miracle”.) In my theory, the reason why love is so hard to define in our three dimensional reality is because its origins– as well as the origins of the soul/spirit and of creativity itself (which is why such things as art and music bring such satisfaction to the soul– they speak to our very spirit itself, in its own higher multidimensional language– this is a subject for another essay, but when we create something new, it either has more substance in physical reality or in higher dimensional reality– in the latter case, it “speaks to our soul” and in the former case its more “practical”); these deeper parts of us lie in the part of ourselves that exists beyond the three dimensional plane in which our five senses roam free. Because of this, it becomes difficult to associate any of these qualities with things we are familiar with in our very day existence. Its like two dimensional beings viewing us as cardboard cutouts and thinking that’s all there is to humanity. In higher multidimensional reality, our physical existence really is only a cardboard cutout compared to the “true us” the parts of us that exist on those higher planes. A part of love is indeed physical (because three dimensional reality is a part of higher dimensional existence) but its only a very small part– but, unfortunately, its the only part most people can comprehend. That’s why when we talk about such things as sex, yes its a part of love, but only a very small part– most of the elation, euphoria and ecstasy caused by love comes from its higher dimensional aspects, unfortunately, physicality, which is the only form of existence conventional society can comprehend, cannot understand this higher dimensionality and therefore ignores it. Science is only beginning to probe higher dimensional reality in the form of quantum mechanics, and as it advances, I think we’ll see a dovetailing of science and spirituality, and when they meet, we will find the soul/spirit, creativity, consciousness and the true nature of love and our existence itself waiting for us. As of right now, the closest our three dimensional aspects can get to higher multidimensional reality is when we experience that magically close connection through love or in the world of dreams, where we can sometimes access the higher dimensional parts of our being– and we see that distance and time become meaningless, just as they are in higher multidimensional reality.) In conventional society, physicality reigns supreme, and the result is a depressed morose population that seeks to pop pills, drink alcohol or have shallow liaisons in order to compensate for true love. Its not that they dont want true love– they have no idea how to obtain it, because conventional society choses to ignore that which it cannot understand and that which is beyond the purview of its jurisdiction. Its almost like humankind pretends that which it cannot understand doesnt exist, and for this ignorance it pays very dearly, for it cuts itself off from its own life giving roots. Not only that, but power and greed, being afraid of something it doesnt understand, tries to close off society from that which could heal it by offering these substitutes for love, being afraid that if we ever did find it on our own, their power would be ended, and their greed would be cut off at the roots. Little children and animals, which are pure and innocent, havent yet been coached into this culture of ignorance, and therefore instinctively understand what unconditional love really is, and if we could get away from the detrimental effects of society, so could we. All we have to do is to listen to our inner voice, it speaks true, as it has from the first day of existence. If we trust our instincts and intuition, they can lead us back to the path on which nature intended us to be on all along. And then we will find true love waiting for us, as it has been all along. And why is love timeless? Because time doesnt exist in these higher dimensions, that’s why true love is a circle, without a beginning or an ending…