Older stuff I wrote when I was immature
City Rock 1 — The Many Faces of New York

Who wants to live in that wide open space ?
Some sparse far-flung unpopulated place !
I need New York’s wild and nutty rat race ,
Not some small hick town’s mild and steady pace .
I try to see the night’s cat and mouse chase ;
Rat so fat that house cat hides in safe place !
Grisly news of the latest murder case ;
Great views of the daily police car chase !
Where a neighbor who has a charming face ,
May have been released from alarming place !
Where the term “tree” means telephone pole’s base
And “grass” is drug used to forget this place !
Where smog has its not-so-secret base ;
Air that can stun you like a can of mace !
Dial the wrong phone number– what a disgrace!
Area code overload is in place
See informants vanish without a trace ;
Some more snitches the mob had to erase !
Where the people who corrupt and debase
Are just politicians we must replace !
You’ll see a man make babies like an ace ,
Then leave the mother in utter disgrace .
Keep your country ladies with charm and grace ;
Give me some city girls in see-through lace !
In daylight, kids pitch, hit balls and reach base ;
At night they’ll find subway trains to deface !
Those who don’t have money to leave this place ,
Steal a sniff to think they’re in outer space !
Where you’ll see the great urban taxi race ;
Cabbies with turbans all over the place !
Where, when you catch them after a long chase ,
Their fare’s enough to go to outer space !
A day’s pay is needed for parking space ;
Park in the dark; stereo’s out of place !
Your car is older than his fresh young face !
Or they joyride and end up in a race ;
Lead police on a twenty mile car chase ,
Which ends when your front fender meets tree’s base !
Shake hands with a salesman and you must brace ;
With his left hand, he’ll your wallet displace !
It’s agreed that, to get out of this place ,
You need greed to succeed, let doubt erase .
If you get lost and shall try to retrace ,
Then a mugger you shall surely embrace !
Late night stroll: I hear steps; see a strange face ;
With great delight, I spray my can of mace !
Where greedy thugs who steal at rapid pace
Are made needy by drugs, not born one race .
Powers say, “stress and problems we’ll erase ,”
But I see distress: people out of place ,
Hopeless and homeless vanished without trace ,
Helpless misery; doubt on every face .
Sadness as they stare into empty space ;
Madness that no flashy words can displace .

City Rock 2
City Rock 2 — The Lost Continent/City of New York

——————————————————- {1} OPENING (1-11)
As you know, I live in New York City
(No I don’t!)
And this poem will surely be witty
(No it won’t!)
But it gets down to the nitty-gritty
It’s born after a nine month wait
After City Rock I– the Great
The basic credo of City Rock:
So little time and so much to mock
So let’s let the saga continue
(You didn’t think I’d stop now, did you?)
——————————————————- {2} CHILD (12-113)
It may seem like magic
That I actually wrote a sequel
But it’s really tragic
To continue from the original
In the class room, there is no space
And the teachers are a disgrace
There’s no motivation
For good education
Only desperation
There’s no innovation
We’re all on vacation!
All the teachers are stinking
So our test scores are sinking
Because we aren’t thinking
We’d all rather be drinking!
Or we are playing pool
That, we all say, is cool
It is a jewel
But even pool
(Like any school)
Can be cruel
To a fool
Who doesn’t know the rules
Truly, just like life
Can cut like a knife
Those who have lost direction
And can’t make a correction
And those who think it is a joke
Those poor deluded souls; they won’t think it’s so funny
When they are thirty and haven’t got any money
Not even enough
Of holy green stuff
To support their habit
They just do not have it
Can’t even buy a joint to smoke!
Think they’re still in mother’s womb
And that their parents will forever tend them
Even though they will not ever respect them
And they will get a rude awakening when
They are kicked out of their room
A helping hand no one will ever lend them
And the police will forever suspect them
Trouble on every corner awaiting when
All alone to face their doom
Remembering the good old days
When they were living for free
Never mending their lazy ways
Sitting back, watching TV
And when they don’t learn
Because they haven’t gone to college
Haven’t used their mind
Their bridges are burned
Because they haven’t got the knowledge
And got left behind
Their biggest influence:
Watching TV violence (67)
Instead of learning computers
They are becoming gun shooters
Bad habitual drug users
And/or area store looters
They can’t get a job
Then, they have to rob
Or work for the mob
They don’t want any real work
(Unless graffiti’s artwork!)
Just want to be full-time jerks!
(They say they’ll find something tomorrow
All their promises are so hollow)
And they lie, they cheat, they steal
They’ll take away your car’s wheels!
And they will get caught
Or worse still, get shot
Commit their first crime
End up in jail
System’s so overcrowded
Get out on bail
Their minds’ still shrouded
System has failed
Won’t be their last time
Because, they will be in and out
To them, that’s what life’s all about
They don’t know that future’s in doubt
And they will not listen
Will not learn their lesson
Not even in prison
In jail, they learn
How they can earn
That the more laws you break
The more money you’ll make!
And they have no goals
They live for now
Never learned their roles
Never learned how
How to love or to live
To receive or to give
And they will make more mistakes
‘Cause they’ll find new laws to break
Illegal money to make
Much counterfeit cash to fake
And new drugs to sell and take
He’ll cough and sneeze
And spread disease
——————————————————- {3} “MAN” (114-155)
He’ll find a girl who doesn’t know any better
And (now what do you think?) pregnant he will get her
Man who, when he comes home
Instead of greeting
(What’s he thinking?)
When they are all alone
Gives her a beating
(He’s been drinking)
For talking on the phone
He thinks she’s cheating
The baby that’s born
Already down one strike
A family that’s torn
Daddy’s taken a hike
Mother’s got no house
And she’s got no spouse
And, I will never leave her
That’s what he had said
But that was to deceive her
Get her into bed
Just because he’s a man
And just because he can
He just got up and ran
Or maybe he meant it
Saying he would never leave
But could you ever believe
Someone so demented
Could long stay out of trouble?
He’s always on the bubble
How do you ever hold out hope
For a guy never far from dope?
For him, a wild young fool
She dropped out of high school
They didn’t use protection during sex
And now two other young lives he has wrecked
Because he didn’t know it is lethal
To inject yourself with the same needle
(Like the TV shows depicted
Even the baby’s addicted)
The poor young girl he’s laid
And the baby they’ve made
Also succumb to AIDS
——————————————————-{4} PROTECTION?(156-175)
We want to carry guns
To protect our loved ones
But all that just hurts us
Only adds more danger
Our courage deserts us
When we see a stranger
The burglar isn’t caught
And it’s we who’ve been shot
You hear a strange noise
And you lose your poise
So you use your gun
You shoot a loved one
Guns aren’t are our protection
They are just an infection
And for the thousandth-and-first time
They go, once again, to jail
Released on good behavior
Again, the system has failed
Now who will be our savior
From this unending wave of crime?
——————————————————-{5} CONCLUSION (176-206)
Because, there is only one escape
From the worst enemy we’ve ever faced
Foe with hideously ugly shape
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
And no time to wait
We can’t hesitate
Don’t procrastinate
Before it’s too late
We must educate
In very great haste
Open the door
To so much more
Because, we’ve got to build a bridge
Narrow the very gap
Between the high school and college
So much talent to tap
Show dedication and courage
Hopeless must repeat this song
Repeat this again and again:
He wants to act like a child
To live free and to run wild
Wants to think this is bliss
Pretend nothing’s amiss
He’s not crazy!
He’s just lazy!
Doesn’t want to sweat
He’s always in debt
Just to pass the time along
Not realizing they’re wrong
Just continuing to pretend
‘Til they reach their very DEAD END (206)

Put Down Poetry!

I have a teacher who thinks she can jest ;
Knows no humor, just how to be a pest !
She tells very stale and such STUPID jokes .
And, on her own laughter, I think she chokes !
When she tries to laugh, her mouth opens wide ;
THAT smells like somebody crawled in and died !
“Her jokes loosen the tension,” someone said .
I say, “What’s LOOSE is a screw in her head !”
The REAL reason we laugh, tiny teacher ,
Is because you’re SUCH an UGLY creature !
She gave this cruel and unusual test ,
When I left school I was truly depressed ;
But nothing nearly like what she must feel ,
Because she’s really got no sex appeal !
In class she displays her incompetence
And, alas, disgusting incontinence !
From afar you can see her facial flaws ;
Her getting a man is a futile cause !
Forget about her having sex for free ;
She can’t even get any for a fee !
Not with those ugly, grubby little paws ;
Sharp gross nails hanging down like lion’s claws !
At very first sight, I viewed her in awe ;
From afar, I was scared at what I saw :
A smurf-like V-shaped pointy little jaw ;
A Pinocchio-like vast nasal flaw !
And many others caused me to guffaw !
When we do not pass her test, she is glad ;
For, I see the crooked teeth as she smiles ;
Worse than failing is to smell breath so bad ;
And seeing vile jaws like a crocodile’s !
A voice like chalk squeaking on the blackboard ;
Erratic elf which puberty ignored !
I’ve stared for a long time and tried my best ;
Unless I’m blind wrong, she has got no breast !
I think our little Ms. Pee Wee pervert
May have got doctor’s cooperation .
An obvious unsuccessful convert ;
Made her “female” in sex operation !
No change resulted; she is still inert !
Still can’t have any sexual dessert !
No man can inside her, his stick insert !
She wears a scarf; I wish it were a noose ;
Look at the dwarf’s back, she lacks a caboose !
All during class, she picks her pointy nose ;
Models the latest in midget-sized clothes !
Forget about her seeing eye to eye ;
Teacher can just barely see eye to thigh !
A smurfette that is so very little ,
Can’t do it with a guy; she’s so brittle !
The cream of the crop always rises to the top ;
But she’s sunk; stage prop who is a gross flop !
Possesses a mouth that can’t ever quit !
She is total and colossal nitwit ;
Inside which no man’s “appendage” can fit !
The “men” she dates are NOT local heroes ;
They ARE social and physical zeroes !
No sane man could want that eccentric elf ,
So deprived, she would satisfy herself !
Or go shopping for a hooker and lie ,
Tell her (EASY TO BELIEVE) she’s a guy !
False “lady” Pee Wee no real guy would choose ,
Not even if she could ply him with booze !
They know her womanhood is just a ruse !
Can’t see her without elevator shoes !
Sometimes, with great effort, she will land guys ;
It must be someone who’s not very wise !
And for her to a poor soul victimize ,
Must be someone who has very bad eyes ;
Not to notice she is no beauty prize !
In a while, he’ll finally realize ;
When the effect of the booze she drugged dies ;
When he loses his long drug-induced highs ;
That, only his horror, she satisfies ;
She won’t give him any passionate sighs ;
She can’t even get his Organ to rise !
She AND his stick are both miniscule size !
(The man won’t be able to maximize ;
From now on, stick will only minimize !)
By careful observation he descries ;
Making sure he’s not wrong, he twice espies ;
And that, despite how loudly she denies ;
That everything she’d said were really lies .
What would have caused him to so criticize ?
What could have happened to make him chastise ?
What caused him to her suddenly despise ?
What did lead to her ultimate demise ?
You’d already know if you’d heard his cries
That her womanhood was a thin disguise ,
When, despite how valiantly he tries ;
Then, in spite of how hard he really pries ,
To poor man’s total and complete surprise ,
He had found no entrance between her thighs !
One look at a pygmy so impudent ,
Could make a man completely impotent !
Ms. Manikin could not date any bum ,
Even if he should be small as Tom Thumb !
Couldn’t get any for a ton of rum !
Just the sight of her makes most men feel numb !
Her “womanhood,” guys would hate and despise ;
All men, tall or small: of any measure ;
Because, no matter how hard teacher tries ,
She can’t give even a moment’s pleasure !
Tiny teacher has scrawny chicken thighs !
It did not matter how long she could coax ;
Or how strong was that wee “lady’s” demand ;
No real man could have ever laid a hand
On someone whose womanhood was a hoax !
The truth of this I swear to you by oath :
That the real reason she can’t a man lure ,
More than that she’s “female” miniature ;
No man ever has any “joystick” growth !
Just as a lame one-legged woman she walks ;
Like a parrot with a sore throat she talks !
That “lady” has no chance with nerds or jocks ;
Comes to school with two different-colored socks !
Teacher has got a dense brain full of rocks ;
The marks on her face look like chicken pox !
In an ugly head shaped like a square box !
I’ll tell you once again: she is NO fox ;
To us, her sex is complete paradox !
Once a young fool did fall into her trance ;
On his loneliness she made strong advance .
He was one of those horny guys from France ;
A typical Frenchman; big on romance !
They went off to a dark nightclub to dance .
You could tell that the witch has, at first chance,
Put in his drink a narcotic she plants .
(From his weird leg-moves and ungainly slants ,
His horrible-to-behold horse-like prance ;
And his voodoo man-like ungodly chants !)
This is the way the Ugly One enchants !
When they’re alone, she’s in sexual stance ;
Use of his body, in drugged state, he grants .
Just then, the drug wears off and, at a glance,
He sees she’s barely bigger than most ants !
The result of insect-like human enhance !
He tries to run; enraged she chops his “lance !”
He’ll be known now as Mister Empty Pants !
Once a nymphomaniac who was crazed ,
Upon her barely nude body had gazed .
At first his mania had his eyes hazed ,
His thirst for sex had his sight-sense nerve dazed ;
For, he had, her “feminine beauty” praised !
But then his sickness which had had him fazed
Wore off and the man was truly amazed !
Her so-called “beauty” had left him unfazed !
In this poor madman, no desire had blazed !
She hadn’t even a “nympho’s” stick raised !
She will never be able to appease ;
Not in her wildest dreams able to please
Even a nymphomaniacal sleaze
When she really does her so-called “strip-tease .”
Then poor guy will certainly cough and sneeze ;
He will truly struggle to breathe: he’ll wheeze
And his “vital organ” will surely freeze ;
Finally, man will jump into the trees
As her smell is brought over by the breeze
And he first glimpses and then truly sees
That this so-called “lady” has got no cheese !
What she truly has are ankle-high knees
And to show her “body,” she pays the fees !
When she wants to have men in a bad mood ;
Put them into an awful attitude ;
(Like she tried to do to my good friend Jude .)
She shall then, in her mind, have smart plan brewed .
Teacher will perform an act very shrewd :
She shall appear before them in the nude !
The tragic result of an act so lewd ?
What do all of you think would have ensued ?
Ever seen such a female form intrude ?
Have you ever such a weird shape construed ?
Have you ever, by a witch, been pursued ?
Here’s what should happen to our viewer-dude ;
Who would witness our teacher’s act so rude :
Well, first of all, he would have cursed and booed ;
Trying to scare the dumb pest, should have shooed ;
Blood would rush from his face; face could be blued ;
Whatever he drank, whatever he chewed :
He would have emitted his daily food ;
Unnamed biological acts issued !
Forever, his sight her shape would occlude .
For a lifetime he would have sex eschewed ;
Because his sex drive’s forever subdued !
Even a pervert would become a prude !
He would, from all women, himself seclude .
“Girls look just like us,” he had misconstrued .
Besides the fact that she could have been sued ;
But then the wise judge would have to conclude :
By her stripping in an awful denude ,
That she was trying to a male delude
By having on her body, fake breasts glued !
Failing utterly to have a man wooed ;
Unsuccessful in getting herself screwed ;
By displaying a female form so crude ;
Because she is a freak; vicissitude !
That should have caused a deaf cow to have mooed !
(Photos from the crime lab would have him clued )
Our pygmy pervert must be unglued ;
Insanity would, from jail time, preclude .
Unused mannikin completely unscrewed ;
A leftover from an alien brood !
The human species, she doesn’t include !
When she cannot seduce the town prior
And gets turned down by the saintly friar
Then, she fails to deflower boys’ church choir ;
Her sex drive’s hornier than a briar ;
Her need for satisfaction is so dire ;
Within herself, there burns such a strong fire ;
Deep-red coals of a hot burning desire ;
That she now becomes a lady for hire !
She will tell all of those who inquire
That she certainly doesn’t ever tire ;
That she will make them hotter than a pyre !
But she doesn’t find a single buyer ;
They all know she’s nothing but a liar ;
In her entrance, can’t even fit a wire !
When the creature we call Teacher shall near ;
When we the pitter-patter of heels hear ,
Some people will make fun of her and leer ;
They will make cruel jokes; shout at her and sneer ;
(They want to throw the witch off a short pier !)
Others will shake and quiver in great fear !
Paralyzed like headlights to a stray deer !
They think that their manliness she will shear !
Afraid that her ugliness brings Death’s bier !
All comment on lack of twin frontal gear !
All comment on her nonexistent rear !
Her gender is one thing that is not clear !
Out of her path all shall attempt to steer ;
If she comes close, they change direction; veer ;
They all think that she is really a queer !
Not one person shall ever hold her dear !
(Not even should she fill the guy with beer !)
Because no man can pierce her with his spear !
When she will tire and get out here ,
Then every creature, tall or small, shall cheer ;
Not one person shall even shed a tear !
They sigh in relief and say what was here ;
What came out of the blue to interfere ,
After a travel of many a year :
Alien outcast from final frontier !
(Kind that make crop circles and eat raw steer !)
Normally, she can’t even touch first base !
But sometimes, after a very quick pace ;
On foot, a long and difficult man chase ;
She will corner a guy in a dark place .
She will try to deflower and disgrace ;
Maybe even try to wallet displace !
He’ll yell at the sight of hideous face ;
A so-called “lady” with no charm or grace ;
Nothing worth noting under see-through lace ;
At first, he tries to avoid her embrace ;
But, not succeeding, he can only brace .
Hope to memory of the event erase .
But then he realizes she’s no ace ;
She can’t even fit him in her dark space !
He’ll reach into pocket and spray with mace ;
She will yell at him that she will deface ,
He worries about her threat, just in case .
He’ll get up and vanish without a trace ,
Back to his own home his steps he’ll retrace .
Wondering, where before had he seen that face ?
He’ll recall a movie at girlfriend’s place
Where he had seen just that same kind of face
It’s about aliens from outer space !
With ugly designs, they humans replace !
Sometimes to get guys, she’ll dress like a whore ;
When she sees one, she’ll beg and implore
Ask permission to his body explore .
He says no; she does something I deplore .
Injects him with drugs to get him to snore !
(She doesn’t know the act is such a bore ;
Never did she get any man to soar ;
Could never lift any man’s oar !
Sex is enough to get a guy to snore !)
While he’s sleeping, his body she’ll adore !
But he’ll certainly wake up before
She has a chance to do anything more .
Before she completes her sexual chore
He’ll see himself under her on the floor
Of a dirty pornographic bookstore !
The guy’s so disgusted; a soul so poor ,
Her ugliness shakes him to his own core !
Can’t bear the burden of this anymore ;
With a knife, he’ll certainly himself gore !
When she goes out with a guy on a date ;
From the start to the finish, they her hate ;
They can’t stand her walk, her lame one-legged gait !
Nothing she has ever done has been great ;
She can’t any man’s sex appetite sate .
Couldn’t even his hormones activate !
Can’t even a man’s unit motivate !
Nothing she will do can lift a man’s “freight !”
With her undesirable feather weight !
Scale of one to ten, minus five they rate !
No matter how much they slow down or wait ,
She can’t give them pleasure early or late !
And there’s something they don’t anticipate :
They can’t even open up her small gate !
She thinks its the man’s fault; calls him ingrate !
It’s not her fault, just a quirk of cruel fate ;
Just the result of a something innate !
Ugly enough to be fisherman’s bait !
Kills fish with bad breath from garlic she ate !
Her “womanhood” is a matter of debate !
When she’s on a quest to find the right mate ,
A man who won’t jest and dump on first date ,
She would go to a certain well-known place ,
In search of the longest-suffering male ;
The only men who would let her embrace ,
Are the ones that she could get out on bail !
When she comes, unshaven men stare and shout ;
She thinks they crave her; that’s NOT what they meant !
The thing that they’re truly talking about :
They’re betting who’ll drop dead first from her scent !
In time, she’ll pick out the ugliest one ,
Slimeball who thinks that she’s a guy named Stan !
The only males who, at first glance, won’t run ,
Are those who prefer to be with a man !