Actually my own views have changed a bit over the years and I too dont believe in reincarnation anymore. I think its much more likely that there are different planes of existence (same as what theoretical physics calls multiple higher dimensions), and that a part of us exists on these planes (sort of like Flatlanders wandering through a 3D world, not knowing how to comprehend the third dimension), and that since we cant comprehend those planes directly through our basic 5 senses, we refer to a mysterious “soul” or “spirit” when this could simply be a reflection of our “higher dimensional selves”– sort of like trying to describe a person when all you can see is his or her shadow on a two dimensional wall. Its possible that this extension of ourselves survives the mortality of our three dimensional bodies and this is where the idea of spirits and ghosts comes from– this would explain why they are seen to ‘walk through walls” as these walls wouldnt be present in their realities– in short, they might occupy the same general area as us but they would be out of phase with our reality.