The universe has a beauty of its own, like a fractal whose repeating patterns create unexpected combinations of complexity that retain hints of the underlying original; based in simplicity, yet evolved into elegance.

As for laws of physics, I hope you know that the specific “laws” change from the level of the subatomic (quantum mechanics) to the level of classical physics (newtonian) to the level of relativity (cosmological scale.) Basically, what this is implying is that the “laws” of physics as we know them are a subset of a greater series of laws that we are, at this point, too technologically inept to discover (and probably wont until we get down to the Planck scale– or lower– which even the supercollider wont be able to do.) With that said, I personally don’t think reincarnation exists– but I wouldn’t presume to dictate my thoughts to anyone else– obviously, each person has a right to think what they want. This might seem absurd, but it might all boil down to whatever a person thinks is going to happen is what’s going to happen to them. And, I can envision scenarios where the superset of physical laws of which we know only a subset wouldn’t take much of a tweaking to separate consciousness from our physical bodies– and once you do that, pretty much anything is game. I remember reading an article in a journal (an abstract of which I posted a year or so ago) about scientists discovering intelligence and a higher level of consciousness than anyone expected in a unicellular organism (something which none of the working models could possibly envision) and how it could pave the way to changing how we think– literally! The idea of a collective unconscious spreading throughout the universe has gained quite a following, and its conceivable that ESP and sixth senses are simply a manifestation of such– like ripples undulating across the cosmic web of consciousness– which would make sense, since these extra senses seem to be particularly perceptive when they involve a person close to us being in peril, even if they are far away in distance– which would not matter, as the majority of our consciousness, and thus who we are, exists in higher dimensions (which makes what we perceive as consciousness just a shadow of what we really are). Using this model as our guide, consciousness would truly be immortal, as in extra dimensions, not only do the spatial dimensions not exist, but time doesnt exist either!

Well, I suppose if a unicellular organism can have some level of intelligence/consciousness like in that journal article I quoted earlier, that would probably include bacteria. What’s central to this argument is what consciousness really is and that is something no one really agrees about. For myself I find myself attracted to the quantum theories of consciousness because its fascinating the way reality works on that level. The fact is that any classical mechanics approach to consciousness has hit a brick wall.

We are a “manifestation” of the universe. The thing we cant get away from is the fact that we arent independent observers– we ourselves are a part of the universe we’re observing and this, I think, is the reason why we make intuitive leaps when new scientific discoveries are made. We have an innate knowledge of the workings of the universes inside our minds– because our minds are a part of said universe– and so, while it may seem that revolutionary ideas like Relativity and Quantum Mechanics came out of “thin air” (like many discoveries– for example the chemical structure of the Benzene ring came in a “dream”)– its more likely innate knowledge of the universe that we are a part of that’s inside of us. Did you ever read about platonic solids? They’re these special three dimensional geometric shapes Plato created and named and said were the perfect forms of nature… thousands of yars later chemists discovered that crystalline compounds do indeed take those complex shapes! And our immense curiosity to learn as much as we can can be seen as the universe trying to learn more about itself. I’d like to think there are countless intelligent species across the universe trying to accomplish the same thing.

I like to think that we are part of a manifestation of the universe that occupies various corporeal (for lack of a better term) forms in an attempt to experience itself. Under that premise, I would think of consciousness like matter, not able to be created or destroyed, but able to change states and transition to different planes of existence.

All religions are diluted by the environment under which they were born and flourished. Ive always thought that humankind takes what he/she can understand of the “truth” (if an absolute truth even exists) and waters it down to what he/she is familiar with– and thus, religion is born. So we have things like people being made in the “image of God,” etc. (oh really, then what about the possibly thousands of other alien civilizations that might exist across the universe– are they made thusly also?) I do think each religion takes a kernel of truth and evolves a mythology around it to make that kernel of truth more palatable.

I believe the “soul” concept was created by religion because at its inception no one knew what the concept of “consciousness” meant. And we still dont lol.

Referring to the law of conservation of mass-energy, mass is a form of energy and can be created or destroyed through particle-antiparticle annihilation or e=mc^2 but since mass is just another type of energy its just a phase transition. At any rate the conservation of mass-energy itself appeared to be broken when it was discovered that virtual particles can be created or destroyed for brief periods of time (Casimir Effect) but more than likely, this is proof of the existence of a multiverse, where the conservation law is maintained across different dimensions and/or universes (or parts of our universe) as matter gets winked out of existence in one part of the multiverse, only to wink into another part– seemingly out of nowhere. My theory was that this is the result of microblackhole-wormholes embedded inside quantum foam The different planes of existence idea is central to my essay “Origin” and was probably first popularized through the ancient Greeks by the great philosopher Plato (read “The Allegory of the Cave.”) The idea of multiple dimensions, long a niche of science fiction writers, was brought to the forefront of physics by Hugh Everett and his MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) and it, along with the standard model, are the two most influential interpretations of quantum mechanics. The reason why MWI is gaining popularity is because it offers an easier approach to the unification of the 4 fundamental forces as well as the origin of the big bang and what happened before. Its interesting that both major theories of unification (string theory and loop quantum gravity) contain the central idea that there was another universe before the big bang, it collapsed and then our universe came to be– and this cycle might continue indefinitely, not only here– but in other universes with their own sets of physical laws– which would be a way around the problem of fine tuning (why are the laws of physics the way they are in our universe?)

Ive seen some scientists themselves question the dogmatic closeminded approach of their peers (let’s face it, most new scientific ideas were met with mockery at first)– I think its part of human nature to always assume that one is right– people just dont like feeling like they just dont know– it removes their sense of control over their environment and makes them feel insecure and vulnerable.

I like to think of reality as being a multifaceted existence that has so many twists and turns that its like a labyrinth, and evey time you think you have the path all figured out, it morphs into something completely new and different.

It’s the ultimate power of the “uncertainty principle” as soon as you feel like you’re coming close to figuring it out it shows another facet for you to learn.

I think that our consciousness does exist in the higher dimensions and that helps to explain it as well as ESP and things like creativity, intuition and instinct. I believe that animals also have consciousness that extends into the higher dimensions and it explains things like group memory and innate instincts which they are seemingly born with (all creatures and even inanimate objects contain all the memories of their kind buried within and even of the ones they inhabited the plane with along with their predecessors, which would be accessible, like a fossilized record, given enough patience and energy.) We all tap into a collective subconscious that helps us analyze everything around us on a higher level, make intuitive leaps (sort of like informational wormholes going through extra dimensional shortcuts!) and thought experiments. Perhaps when we make these thought experiments we really are doing what we are thinking about in these higher dimensions, where physical action isnt necessary in order to perform work– because of the much higher energy level of the bulk and the ability of the mind to focus that energy. This would fit in nicely with ESP also. All of creation, great and small, has consciousness– even inanimate objects. Its just a matter of degree. Plants have a higher level of consciousness than rocks, for example, and their consciousness extends further into the bulk. Animals exceed plants and so their consciousness penetrates the bulk even further than that– with human beings having the greatest penetration into the bulk of them all (out of earthly creatures.) The same goes for penetration into this side of reality (which is why we can speculate about what’s going on at the other end of the universe or about the far flung past and the far away future and other animals cant.) But while consciousness is most concentrated in us, the sheer size of the oceans and the continents and of the earth itself gives it the greatest total amount of conscious energy; its just much more spread out, diffuse and operates on a very low frequency hum. Just like with all creatures and objects, tapping into this energy would open up a vast reservoir of historical and future knowledge for us (like telling us when the next earthquake might hit and where or when and where the next hurricane might strike or going into the past, we could see back to the origin of life or the last death cries of animals during a mass extinction)– for the power of conscious energy is not only dependent on size and concentration of the energy but also on the age of the creature or object. The sun has much more conscious energy than the earth; not only because of its size, but because of its electromagnetic properties, particularly its strong magnetic field. The stronger the magnetic field, the stronger the consciousness– regardless of size. (Just think of the consciousness levels of pulsars and rapidly rotating black holes that swallow information by the ton!) If you want to see an even more vast consciousness that operates on an even lower frequency consider the galaxy (again active galaxies with strong magnetic fields, such as M87, have the highest consciousness– and clusters and superclusters even more so) or even the universe itself– whose conscious energy can actually be measured as the CMB– and as such is gradually going down in terms of concentration but staying the same in terms of overall strength (this being a fundamental conservational law of consciousness within each universe– that even upon death, the consciousness gets redistributed, whether in our universe or its antiverse) and once it gets to nil it will big bang again– the most epic scale of reincarnation there is! The full history of the universe is written in the CMB and hopefully we will one day become evolved enough to read and decipher it. The amount of subconscious energy of every creature and object in the omniverse– let alone our universe– is written in the ZPE of the bulk and this is where it resides, forming its connections and creating the collective. As a matter of fact, the full history of all universes, including the ones that predated us pre Big Bang resides in the energy of the ZPE and could be accessed as the collective consciousness gets more evolved and powerful (Kardashev scale 3 or higher?) The “inside out” theory of LQG facilitates this in shedding the universal consciousness into the bulk upon each Big Bang (both conscious and subconscious come together), only to begin anew. In contrast, the amount of conscious energy of each creature and object resides within the ZPE of the space-time fabric of its particular universe during its existence. And consciousness isnt something that stays static, as it can vary between individuals and even in the same person depending upon health, time of day, interactions, etc. Higher penetration leads to a greater display of properties of ESP and a feeling of connectedness– including creativity, intuition and ESP. I think you can draw an analogy between the conscious/subconscious mind and the structure of quantum foam both on our side of the space-time fabric and the bridge into the bulk. The conscious side is the part on our side of the space-time fabric and the subconscious is the part on the other side. Think of it also in terms of leftbrainedness and rightbrainedness. Those who are more connected to the subconscious are literally so, with more of their mind on the bulk side of the divide, connected therein to the “collective subconscious.” Those whose minds like to think in more concrete terms have a stronger connection on this side of the fabric– the “conscious” side. This isnt a static feature; like I said before, it changes with exposure to the environment– such as encountering other “connected individuals”– and to changes in health (physical and emotional) and at different points in one’s development and life. As with quantum foam, we can create similar black hole – wormhole pairs, but in this case we’re talking about informational bridges. An informational black hole would be someone who can suck in information from other individual’s subconscious or from the collective (a “receiver.”) An informational worm hole would be someone who can deliver information to others’ subconscious (a “sender.”) Some will be one or the other; others will be both. In all cases, since we are talking about thought processes occuring outside space-time, there is no regard for distance or time; the information can be received across unconnected space or even through parallel timelines. Sometimes involuntarily (which can cause confusion) as the person might not know they are receiving or sending (that is, they are “untrained”), which is one of the properties which affects how strong the abilities are– and the property most prone to change their strength (this is strongest in children, as their minds are the most flexible to learn new things.) People with these special abilities can even communicate with animals (since animals also have a conscious/subconscious structure) and might be able to perceive such things as ghosts and spirits, which are trapped on the barrier which separates a universe from its antiverse (whereas perhaps normal spirits merely pass through to the other side and are reincarnated in antimatter form in a cyclic pattern. This would also explain why animals and children are more keen on sensing presences, as they have been less conditioned by the concrete environment, which makes up for lack of training and, in the case of animals, lesser ability.) If alien species exist, and I think they do, we can even communicate with them through the collective subconscious, as their minds would be subject to the same rules and abilities– except, depending on the evolutionary development of the species, they might be much stronger and more concentrated than ours. Tapping into the minds of the oldest alien civilizations in the universe would be like tapping into the history of the universe itself (regardless of whether it was made of matter or energy or both!) The vehicle of delivery or sending information can be as varied as anything from dreams to remote viewing to telepathy and can even be made to do physical work such as psychokinesis or teleportation. Its even possible that the act of conducting thought experiments really are experiments being conducted by our subconscious through action in the bulk. Its possible that re-experiencing memories or anticipating future actions or telepathy is nothing more than time travel through the bulk, while viewing our memories through portals in the fabric of space-time (perhaps this is the case with all thought experiments or creative ventures also)– and sometimes it actually feels that way! In these thought experiments or dreams we can rewind time, freeze it, or fast forward it and freeze it at a particular moment and analyze the full experience the same way a video replay would– a talent Da Vinci is said to have possessed to a high degree. And the subconscious can even extract the energy of our life force and create such things as astral projection or out of body experiences. What gives it the ability to perform such incredible feats? Its simple: at the quantum level the definition of space and time break down and the properties of nonlocality (entanglement, superposition, tunneling, teleportation, etc.) take over. It is the very quantum nature of our minds that enables our minds to understand the universe– for we are made of the same fundamental matter and energy the universe is made of and were created at the apex of the current evolutionary pathway in an attempt by the universe to understand itself. This desire to understand itself is such an intrinsic and basic quality that is built into every being that it exists on both sides of the space-time fabric. Collectively, its called “curiosity.” The vehicle for its delivery and processing can be divided into the concrete and conscious (this side of space-time) aspects such as analytical and deductive reasoning and the abstract (the bulk or subconscious) aspects such as inductive reasoning, intuition (this is when we arent quite sure of how we know something– we just know it) and creativity– the basic building force of the universe both physically and mentally. Even when our creativity just involves visual processing in our brain such as thought experiments, work is being done in the bulk– the actual experiments are being performed and energy is being focused and used. This is the same for any creative or intellectual endeavor (like finding patterns, coming up with new ideas, etc.) , whether actual physical work is performed or not on our side of space-time. When doing thought experiments or exhibiting creativity our minds can simulate 3D space-time in the bulk, the same way we do “here.” For further info refer to the article at the end of my paper. Creativity is the greatest force in the universe and resides within us as much as it does in the universe as a whole (since we are a part of it.) The frequencies that inspire creativity within us are shared by the cosmos as the frequencies of vibrating strings that inspire the evolution of large scale structures in the universe and beyond– these are the undefinable but instinctive quantities that make us appreciate and adore creativity within others, in nature and the entirety of the cosmos and want us to replicate it ourselves. Its the central urge of the universe coursing through our veins! Even destruction has its place in creativity, both on our level and the scale of the omniverse, as it merely makes room for recycling and creation into a new form (nothing is ever truly destroyed any way, just changed and reorganized into a new form.) As an example of subconsious creativity, when I was writing Origin 2, I could literally feel myself in the bulk seeing these interactions occuring with my inner eyes! I guess the part of the universe that is centered on my brain was learning a bit about itself. What would be the peak or apex of the abilities of the collective subconscious? Nothing less than a universe-wide linkage of all life, great and small, plant, animal, human and alien as well as all inanimate objects, in universal harmony with a decided destiny. In other words, if we take it on a planetary level to simplify matters, it would mean that all animate and inanimate objects on the planet would vibrate on the same frequencies and there would be total and complete understanding among all– there would be no secrets, nothing hidden and no reason for lies. We could sense each others’ presences even when we and they werent in perceptual range (Im not just talking about one person sensing another person’s presence via the subconscious, Im talking about a total experience where we would know what every other creature was thinking and doing and where every object was and what was happening with it and within it.) Imagine extending this to the galactic level, let alone universe level…. talk about informational overload! We would have to learn to dump the excess information into the bulk, into the webwork of ZPE from where it originated and where it belongs or to just ignore it and let it stay there.

Consider that when we die, our consciousness shifts to a higher (or lower) resonance, and we shift into an adjacent universe. In turn, energy from that or a different universe, shifts into ours as a birth. Populations differences are in constant flux across all these realities, with some declining, some increasing, but the grand total of energy remains constant. But occasionally, anomalies occur. Sometimes, a reprogramming of the pattern of energy is incomplete, and part of the “hard drive” remains intact. This incomplete formatting results in left over memory data being left behind, and a recall of portions of it will be present. The rareness of these glitches are reflected in the very low reported incidents of reincarnation. As a matter of fact, this occurs with recall of cellular memory in some reciepients of donor organs also. As stated earlier, consciousness is present to some degree in all forms of matter and energy– animate and inanimate. It’s just more concentrated in living organisms. The cell is the smallest unit of the animate (on earth, anyway.) And each cell possesses consciousness and even the full DNA of the whole. It has been found that unicellular organisms have a level of intelligence and consciousness, so why shouldnt individual cells of a larger organism also have them? And they do! But in service of the organism and for the good of the whole, their cellular memories get buried. But they are there and sometimes manifest themselves when an organ gets transplanted, as donor memories. The cells are confused about what happened to the organism they used to inhabit and they manifest their independence in this way, just as much as the recepient’s body does when antibodies try to attack these foreign cells.

Love and creativity are intimately linked and enhance each other. However, for greater detail into my views regarding love, please refer to my essay “The Philosophy of Love.” Suffice it to say that love enhances all the connections through the extra power that positive emotions offer. Like conscience/subconscience, love has both a physical and a metaphysical aspect and the former has connections on our side of space-time, while the latter has networks in the bulk, having been born of the subconscious and metaphysical energy which partially comes from transmigration (and thus the wisdom of age beyond normal time.) It also has the power to heal through prayer, psychic healing and enhances the abilities of ESP, such as when a loved one knows when we are in trouble or seems to be so connected to us that they can sense what we are about to do or say before it even happens across distance and time. Self sacrifice is the highest form of love, as it shows a recognition that the best parts of us exist within the ones we love and who love us and will survive long after we are gone and get passed down from generation to generation. This extends to animals and animal-human interactions also (as a matter of fact, it can be said to be stronger with animals and children because they dont let the environment, that is the physical aspects of love which come from genetics and our biology, taint the way they look at metaphysical love– also called unconditional love– with the physical environment, until they reach school age that is!) This is an enhancement of the informational wormhole I wrote of earlier. When two beings procreate (any two beings!), they are fulfilling the ultimate mission of love: to create another life form. In so doing, the new being both possesses physical aspects of the love of the originals (genetic) which resides in our part of space-time, as well as metaphysical attributes, which can come from a variety of sources, including the environment, parents and transmigration. The conscious part of the mind, the physical aspect, has its origin in the genes and biology of the parents also, while the metaphysical atttribute comes from the latter multitude of sources which mix together to create a new pattern– which is exactly why recollection of reincarnation, with certain exceptions (or regressive hypnosis) can be so difficult. Dreams can be of great help in this area, as that is when the conscious mind is resting and the subconscious takes over (which is why various facets of ESP also seem stronger during dreaming.) Not only do we get a part of our consciousness and love from our parents and other people in our lives– but we also give back and this two way reaction (feedback) results in appreciation of who we are and who they are and what we each mean to each other. We even do the same with our pets and other animals and plants we encounter and even inanimate objects we create or work with, such as artwork, writing, sculpture or architecture or utilitarian tools like computers, chairs, desks, tables bathtubs and beds and their original sources and the people who created and/or prepared them for us. When we eat and drink, we absorb part of the consciousness of where it came from and who prepared it and who created it, while the rest goes towards transmigration. There is a transference of consciousness back and forth between the creator and the object as well as anyone else who appreciates it (in most cases the transference is strongest with the creator, but sometimes the appreciators overwhelm by sheer volume of numbers or because they have a special relationship with the creator.) The total conscious energy of the entire cosmos might remain the same, but its redistribution results in much closer connections over the long run. Regrettably, so called toxic relationships also happen, as they are glitches in the hardware and they cause much misery for however long they last– but they go against the basic plan of the cosmos. And not only can love enhance ESP, but so can confidence. That positive energy we feel is real and can be made to do work and to improve the whole mind/body interaction (including medical and psychological health and well being as well as relationships) and reinforce our connections and networks. Our aura, which is the electromagnetic manifestation of the health of our consciousness and its connections to others and an analog to a node of the CMB, is a reflection of this. There is also such a thing as the aura of the collective (an analog of the full CMB), which can be measured (and has been seen to take a huge hit after disasters such as 9/11 or the Indonesian Tsunami– which animals did much better in, because of their very strong metaphysical connections, displayed as the instinct to read the signs the planet was giving them subconsciously and survive.) We also have a subconscious version of the aura, which exists in the bulk within the ZPE and grows and wanes with the strength of our confidence and all the other factors which affect the strength of our subconscious connections (its like a muscle, it needs to be used.) Upon death, besides transmigration, parts of our consciousness and love also exists in the memories of those who survive us and this gets passed down from generation to generation, through discussion and even through genetics, diluted through the various offspring– but still, always present (the sum total always remains the same, as per conservation laws– even if some gets distributed to inanimate objects we create or pets or other animals and plants we cherish.) Even extinct animals like dinosaurs pass on their genes to their descendants– so various species of birds like cranes, which have an ancient lineage, would be the closest to them and still retain some of their characteristics– both on a physical (genetic) level and a metaphysical (subconscious) level. The consciousness represents a complex interplay between the physical and the nonphysical and if one falls ill, the other one will suffer also. This is how psychological illness can affect white blood cell counts or how distinct personalities in mutiple personality disorder can be affected differently by different drugs, although theyre in the same body (multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder may be considered a case of more than one consciousness occupying the same body– as can some cases of possession– in that case, the occupying consciousness belongs on the other side.) I see us as finally evolving towards Universal Love, which includes all animate and inanimate matter and energy and when we finally reach this peak of evolution then and only then will we finally realize our full potential and maximize our connections and abilities. I fear that this may only happen just as our universe is about to reach the peak of its expansion, just before starting to collapse inwardly and by then there will be no matter, only energy (including us) and we will then start to lose our memories as we collapse towards the next big bang and the energy begins to leak into the bulk, trying futilely to remember what will be forever stored in the bulk– if we can only be lucky enough to extract that information with the next expansion from the library of energy which resides there (but, alas, we will have to begin anew– like reaching the top step and then falling back down to the bottom of the staircase), as it has for each cycle!

For more information on the breakdown of space-time and of how it’s a construct of perception, rather than reality, refer to the following:…/viewFile/11/10


Recent research on time shows that one has to distinguish between physical time and psychological time. Physical time is run of clocks in space. Space itself is timeless. With clocks we measure material change i.e. motion that happen in space. Linear psychological time “past-present-future” is a result of neuronal activity of the brain. Observer is experiencing material change through psychological time. Observer is unchangeable and independent of psychological time running. This indicates that observer is not based on neuronal activity of the brain as psychological time is. Space and observer are both timeless. Here a proposal is taken that physical basis of the observer is space itself. In scientific exploration the process of observation is the function of space. Hypothetically every point of space has the function of observation. Human senses and brain are biological devices through which space experiences material change i.e. motion in space. Observer as a function of space is an integral part of the universe. This view opens new perspectives in understanding of Lorentz transformation and “proper time” of different inertial systems in Special Theory of Relativity.