Why you were so mean to me and never called me back last night. I dont know why you hate me so much that you were doing something and left your phone on and wouldn’t answer when I called. I just know that I truly love you and I never talked to any girl, woman, whatever since you and I got together. My heart is breaking! 7/2/2012 your birthday is tomorrow!

I have been far too obsessed with you to ever do that, and you know it. (It’s love but we’ll use your terminology for a second.) If it wasn’t all about you and us why would I have made all these IDs and been sending all these messages? I truly do love you with all my heart and soul. Please come back to me darling!

Hey I just got your comment from 7/17. You’re in Boston now? I haven’t been doing well at all and that’s why I haven’t been on much 😦 I pray you are doing better than me! I miss our conversations dearly!